Friday 10 October 2008

BWOF 10/2008-114 Top

I really like the latest issue of BWOF and felt compelled to make something quick and easy from it straightaway. I plan to make the jersey dress 115 so decided to make up the top 114 to see how the pattern would work for me.
It's really easy to sew, the sleeves are cut on which speeds things up although it does use a lot of fabric, or you need very wide jersey. I had to add a centre back seam to fit the pieces on my fabric, but that worked fine. 

Even the photo in the magazine makes this top look low cut so I knew some adjustments would be necessary. Fortunately this is easy to do - I simply sewed the centre fronts together about 1.5 inches higher than marked. However, this meant that the tab at the empire seam then looked a bit strange so I left it off.  For my dress I may consider raising the empire seam a bit at the centre.

It was only when it was all finished that I thought "hmm why does it look so different to the picture?" and realised that I had totally forgotten to put in the gathers on the lower part of the upper front pieces. Oops! That explained why the sideseams didn't match up very well! Still, it goes to show how easy to make and fit this top is that despite my silly mistake it still works.  

Excuse the wrinkles, and also no pictures of me wearing it yet because I look a complete mess right now, but definitely next time. I do like it although I feel a bit like a cross between Krystal Carrington or a bat wearing it! 

For now you have Lindsay T to thank for this instead. She wanted to see a picture of me twirling my baton. Clearly my parents were not as delusional as me in thinking I was super glamorous and I cannot find any photos. I think this is from my pre baton twirling days, I'm on the left with my kid sister. Don't ask about the outfits, I don't have any answers!


  1. This is one of my favorite patterns in the new BWOF. Your garment looks fantastic, thanks for all the information.

  2. This one caught my eye too. There's also a dress using the same base pattern, isn't it? I'm not sure which one to make!

  3. Love the top and love the adorable photo of you and your sis!

  4. Oh fun, I really want to make this pattern too (the dress, actually).

    Cute pic, love the nurse's uniforms!