Sunday 2 November 2008

Wedding Pictures

I was working in Vietnam all last week, only getting back on Saturday so I have really missed my sewing machine. Still, a little break after the marathon wedding outfit is probably no bad thing. Would you believe HK had freakishly warm weather throughout October and it turned out to be way to hot to wear the coat! I carried it around for the wedding and then checked it in over dinner. I could have saved myself a lot of trouble and whizzed up a wrap. Never mind, we have been invited to another wedding later this month so I'll try again! The purple shoes won in the end and matched the bridesmaids outfits!

Next on the list I have 2 jersey dresses planned, I just have to decide which to attempt first;
The very popular Vogue 8379 wrap dress in a grey/purple/black/white Pucci print jersey;

The newish McCalls pattern 5752 in a purple butterfly print silk jersey;


  1. You know, the bride's and bridesmaid's dresses are pretty amazing. I'm sorry you didn't get to show off the jacket. It's such a great outfit.

  2. You are looking good in that outfit! Sorry it was tooo warm to wear the coat...hope you had a good time, though!

  3. ahhh what a shame but we all know how gorgeous it is!

  4. Well you still looked lovely without the jacket :) Looks like it was a beautiful wedding. Very pretty bride and bridesmaids.

  5. You look amazing in the dress! Too bad you didn't have the chance of wearing that fabulous trenchcoat... Next time you have to wear it! It deserves to be seen!

  6. to bad you didn't get to really wear the jacket as much as you wanted but you looked great in your dress