Wednesday 14 April 2010

Burda 07/2008 - 115 Skirt

Yippee the final piece of my mini wardrobe entry is finished!
This is made in a terracotta crepe. To be honest, crepe is not the best choice for this skirt - it's springy texture makes it difficult to get a sharp press on the pleats, but it does drape really nicely - swings and roundabouts I suppose!

While I love the look of wrap skirts, they can be problematic to wear. I am hoping that the side slit/pleats detail will add a decent amount of walking ease and limit any wardrobe malfunctions. We will see when I give it a real life road test, I probably will not be brave enough to wear this out in a typhoon though!

I love the side pleat detail although I had a little trouble understanding the directions so I took a few shots during construction:

(Ignore the fact that my seam allowances are different on the front and back of skirt in these photos, my error, they should both be wider than usual, but I forgot when cutting out the second piece). The right hand line of stitching is the basting holding the pleat in place to be removed later, and the left hand line of stitching is permanent and extends from the top of the pleat to the slit marking.

Remove basting, flatten out and press the pleat as shown below.

Close up of bottom of the pleat - I did manage to press them in with lots of steam and a clapper.

Pictures of me wearing it will follow in my mini wardrobe shoot in a separate post. I just took zillions of photos on what must be the wettest, gloomiest day of the year.


  1. I vowed years ago to never make a wrap skirt again. I would always have to walk holding the skirt together...windy Melbourne! I hope you don't have that problem because it looks lovely - nice details and great colout.

  2. I have made this skirt and love it - it is great to wear (mine is linen and more casual). Your crepe version looks great. Looking forward to seeing your wardrobe entry.

  3. Lovely skirt and I love the color. I have made no such vow although I don't think I own a single wrap-around anything. I do have a dress that overlaps in the front that has to be held closed on windy days or when I bend down to talk to one of my children. Your wardrobe is looking VERY nice.

  4. I'm not typically a huge fan of wrap skirts, but the side pleats and details on this one are really lovely. I hope the road test is a success because is a great skirt.

  5. Let us know about the IRL walking test! Very curious. Thank you so much for making the detailed construction notes, because their instructions confounded me too.