Tuesday 11 November 2014

BurdaStyle 08/2014 - 120/121 T Shirt with shoulder pleat

It wasn't so long ago I would have thought making a white t shirt instead of buying one to be bonkers, but increasingly I find they are either made from poor quality see through material or they are expensive.  So when I found some decent white jersey at a great price I picked some up.

Still I couldn't make myself make a plain white t and wanted something with a bit of interesting detail - enter BurdaStyle 08/2014 - 120 / 121.  I made a mix of the 2 views, the curved hem from 120 with the short sleeves from 121.

I really enjoyed making this, the drape detail and back shoulder seams are great details.  However wearing it, the extra fabric in the drape tends to distort the neckline as you can see below and even on the dressform now I look at these pictures, which is a shame.  (Or perhaps I stretched it out while sewing?)  Maybe this is one t shirt that would benefit from a more lightweight fabric.  Oh well, it's a white t shirt, it will get worn!


  1. Interesting style t-shirt. I just made a top and used too heavy of material for a neckline drape and it truly pulled the neckline down too much.

    I am not really seeing a weird shape neckline on yours.

  2. That small pull at the neckline isn't really that obvious, we all see too much when we sew. Agree making a t-shirt sounded weird a few years ago, not any more and I'm always trying to work out who to make them a bit smarter.

  3. I don't think the neckline detracts from the shirt. It's a lovely twist on a classic garment.

  4. I also find it very frustrating how thin and see-through RTW white t-shirts tend to be.


  5. Thanks for reviewing this pattern. I don't see the pull at the neckline either.

  6. WHAAAT? This is adorable.
    If anything about this bothers you and you don't want to wear it, please send it to me!

    Perfect fabric, its very chic and modern.
    I completely about the super light, fluid fabric. Perfect choice.

  7. Hmm, not sure a lighter weight fabric would work any better. The drapeless side might still not hold up its end of the bargain pitted against the waterfall on the other side. I think the designer should have just gone for asymmetric neckline. Blame gravity!

  8. What an interesting find! Love it!

  9. The pictures are adorable. Do wear it with pride.

  10. Perhaps if you wear it tucked into a skirt, you can hold the pleats in place. Love the look.