Wednesday 21 March 2018

BurdaStyle 02/2018 - 107 Offset Jersey Top

This is one of those patterns that I just simply had to try, I mean just look at this crazy line drawing!

And just the thing for a fishing trip.....!

It is a very fast sew (once you figure out how the 2 pieces go together!) and really fun to make, but does use up quite a bit of fabric - due to the odd shaped pattern pieces you do need the full 2 yards of wide fabric which is quite a lot for a t-shirt.

I had to drape the pieces on my dress form to understand how to sew the first 2 seams.  Hopefully my scribbles on the magazine showing these seams help - remember that the pieces are cut single layer of fabric and right side up, but sewn right sides together so it will make a bit more sense when you flip one piece over.  Though maybe not much more sense as I've made it twice now and I still don't really understand how or why it works!!  (Also note that the pattern piece numbers are 21 and 22, not 1 and 2).

Once those 2 seams are done it should look something like the finished line drawing and you just need to sew up the side/sleeve seams and hem the edges.  Fortunately when worn the craziness of the pattern pieces give way to some nice draping and twisting effects.

My first version is in a very soft fuchsia knit and it is a little bit big, the neckline is quite wide and has a tendency to slip a bit.  I do love the colour though so I might add some shoulder stays to deal with that.

I prefer the fit on my second version which I sewed up a bit smaller, plus I think the fabric content of this one is a bit different (though still unknown!).


  1. I'm tempted by this pattern, thanks for the info. it looks like something you would see in the window of a fancy boutique :)

  2. This is next up on me to-sew list! Love your versions!

  3. Love, love, love both your versions!!! And another big THANK YOU! for posting those diagrams on your IG feed as that was exactly what I needed to get started on mine. Had to laugh because I don't understand how or why it works either!!! :)

  4. Both of them look really beautiful. The line drawings do look odd but the end result is so pretty.

  5. A bit Pattern Magic? Very nice t-shirts, and able to work in more formal situations than many. Enjoy!

  6. Two great tops and the drape is very interesting.

  7. There is also a similar free Burdastyle pattern "Let's twist again" by Irmchin that I've made twice. My only suggestion is to measure the forearms to make sure they're not too tight.

  8. Yes this is definitely one of those patterns that is hard to get out of your head once you've seen it! I'm super keen to try it, considering how much I like yours! Gorgeous.