Monday 7 July 2008

Sewing bits and pieces

I think my serger has finally given up on me, I can change the needles and thread and get a few seams out of it, but that is all before I have to go through the whole process again which is somewhat frustrating! I've been thinking about getting a new one for a while and at the weekend received a flyer for Spotlight promoting 20% off everything on Wednesday so I will toddle over there after work and treat myself. I'm pretty excited about getting a new machine.

Having no serger has messed up my sewing plans though, so instead I have been doing lots of tracing and preparation. Here's what's in progress;

1) Another version of Butterick 5186, in a brown rayon fabric, more casual than the black silk one I made recently. This will be really quick to finish up once I have a working serger to clean up the inside seams.

2) I'm trying out my first Patrones pattern, dress 15 by Laserre from issue 266 (the red dress on the top right here). (Thank you to Christina who identified that the Russian site has the best photos). The original dress is a formal 2 layered silk dress, mine is in a summer print so it looks completely different. Just cutting this out was a huge challenge since Patrones is in Spanish and I don't speak a word of it. Here it is just pinned on the dressform, I'm liking how it is turning out.

3) Finally the BWOF 02/2008-107 safari jacket is all cut out and ready to start sewing. I think the colour is more saffron than burnt orange now so Saffron Safari it is!

Finally thanks to the wonders of the internet, I am really excited to be meeting up with Vicki (HongKongShopper) tomorrow who is living up to her blog name and is currently in Hong Kong for a week of shopping. We are meeting up at Western Market, a fabric paradise in Sheung Wan. Just for a look you understand....


  1. So sorry about your serger! That sucks! Hope you have fun with Vicki!!

  2. You'll let us know what serger you bought, won't you? Pity the old one gave up, but agree that getting a new machine is exciting.
    I'm sure we will be envious of the fabric bought by you and Vicky, no believing here you'll just be looking :)))

    Wish I could join you both, say hello to Vicky from me.

  3. The Patrones dress is looking great! And I'm sorry about your serger... Mine has been giving me problems with the covestitch function.

  4. I hope you have fun at your meetup, that is very cool
    Yesterday my mom and I were talking about Japan, as in, my dh may get orders to Japan and jokingly I was asking her if she will come visit us if we do go.
    she was like,,, ahh,, lets hope for California,, that is to far to travel.
    you crossed my mind because I know you live in "the East"
    I have to make that butterick too for fall and I can't wait to see your patrones dress, it looks good so far

  5. Sorry about your serger. Glad you're getting a chance to meet up with Vicki!

  6. I've thought about that dress from Patrones, too! I'll be interested to see how yours turns out. Have a great time shopping with Vicki!

  7. Sorry about your serger. Have fun with Vicki. Great new garments, too.

  8. Love your works-in-progress. Say hello to Vickie for us.

  9. Sorry to hear about your serger, but good luck getting a new one! It's all quiete exciting, I know (just got myself a new one).