Thursday 24 September 2009

Last of the summer sewing

Thank you for the encouraging comments on the loud dress, I've worn it a couple of times and people haven't run away screaming so I feel braver about it now. The photos are taken on my roof - my vertical yard if you like, it's scorching hot at the moment so I dash up there and take the photos as quick as I can, I'm sure my neighbours think I am crazy.

So I am back from a great trip to California and somewhat embarrassed to report here that I did not even step into a fabric store! But I did get 6 rolls of tracing paper so that should keep me going for a bit.

I did manage to knock out a couple of quick items before I went on holiday - both are duplicates of items I have made recently so were fast and easy.

Patrones Shirt Issue 269 #1 from a taupe/cream embroidered voile (click to enlarge)

BWOF Skirt 09/08-120 from a black cotton with an embroidered border (no hemming required!).

I thought HK would have cooled down a bit by the time I returned but it's still really hot and I am ready to move on from summer clothes onto a new project that I can really get my teeth into. I thought about the PR wardrobe contest, but having bought lots of dress patterns recently I have decided to attempt to use every single one of them (6 in total). More on the Mad Dress Project in the next post.

Finally a huge thank you to Trudy for giving me a Kreative Blogger award. If you haven't already, check out her blog and see if any of the other award winners are new blogs to you as I discovered a couple of new ones there.

Oh dear, the postman just came...make that 7 dresses in the Mad Dress Project!


  1. The skirt is adorable! Very nice work!

  2. What a great end to your summer sewing!

  3. Very pretty garments to finish up the summer.

  4. I like the skirt very much! Oh, how I wish I could find such nice fabric...

  5. Pretty skirt. I love the details on the hemline...

  6. What pretty pieces - I love the hem on the skirt, it's very smart!

  7. Oh, so lovely! Cool blouse for hot weather and a fabulous skirt!

  8. Great pieces. I'm glad you found the tracing paper you were looking for. Can't wait to see all the dresses you've got in the works!

  9. Cute skirt - perfect fabric for it :)