Wednesday 28 July 2010

Getting carried away now...

Is it OK to be matchy-matchy when you are 2? I think there is no better time, so I made a little hat (Burda magazine 04/2009 142, super easy to sew). I hope I will be able to post a photo here of the outfit on my little muse soon.

I have also finished a dress for me but its very stormy here and too dark to take decent photos so we will all have to wait till the sun comes back....

It's this one - Vogue 1159, Donna Karan draped jersey dress.

This was such fun to make, it looked nothing like a dress until the last moment and it was so satisfying at the end - like finishing a sudoku puzzle or something. These are the pattern pieces!


  1. Dying to see the dress. the hat is cute. When my eldest was little, matching hats with dresses was de rigeur.

  2. What a cute hat! And that dress looks so that you have shown the image of the pattern pieces, it makes me want to go get that pattern!

  3. Can't wait to see the dress. I bought this pattern, but I was stumped after seeing the pattern pieces on how to increase the hip area for me. Ah well, I should probably give this one away.
    Great hat.

  4. If there is ever a time to be matchy-matchy, 2yo is most definitely it. ;)

    Can't wait to see the Donna Karan dress!

  5. Too cute! That hat is adorable and I can't wait to see the whole outfit and your dress!

  6. Too cute, I loved having my DD all matchy-matchy when she was growing up, I was way over the top, hair bows, coverlets for her socks, purses it was such fun.

  7. The hat is adorable and I am looking forward to seeing the dress!