Tuesday 3 April 2012

Awards Time!

Ok I'm all dressed up and ready to accept my awards!  I really hope I haven't missed anyone out here, but I thought it made sense to put them together.

So a huge thank you to Gail, Lori, SewBarbie and Ana Jan for nominating me for the Versatile blogger award.  Probably somewhat of a misnomer as this blog does seem to consist of dresses that nearly all look the same, but still I am honoured!  Do check out their blogs if they are not already on your reading list.

Gail at myfabrication
Lori at girlsinthegarden
Ana Jan at stepalica

7 random things

  • I haven't driven for at least 12 years now - if I manage to remember I definitely would not be able to get in and out of parking spaces
  • I have a degree in theoretical physics, can't remember a thing now but occasionally I will read a book on quantum physics just to blow my mind.
  • I am somewhat addicted to step aerobics, bit of a late starter to the world of fitness but better late than never
  • My little sister just turned 37 - how did that happen??!
  • Hong Kong is surprisingly green (and unsurprisingly very hilly) and I really enjoy hiking here
  • I never got around to changing my name after I got married, I wasn't trying to make any kind of statement, it just all seemed too much of a hassle
  • After a scary sailing incident I developed a phobia of all boats which is awkward when you live on an island so I am trying to get over it.  No wind and alcohol help a lot!

Also, a big thank you to Lisa and Meigan for the Sunshine award.  Again do check out their blogs, lots of good stuff going on out there!

Lisa at creativecraftwork
Meigan at getmystitchon

Favourite colour 
  Purple, even though I don't wear it much or have it in my apartment
Favourite animal 
 Domestic pet wise, kittens are just the greatest things, in the wild, elephants
Favourite Number 
Favourite non-alcoholic drink 
  I try to make it water, but occasionally have a coke zero which is arguably worse for you than alcohol
Facebook or twitter
 Facebook even though I never use it, but I do have a dormant account so it beats twitter
My passion
 Other than sewing, family & friends (in case they are reading!), the gym and eating out / cooking which kind of just about keep each other in balance
Getting or giving presents
  I know I should say giving and it is great when you find the perfect thing, but I am always running around at the last minute before Christmas and find the whole thing very stressful & frustrating!  Especially finding stuff for men - argh!
Favourite pattern
  Probably the dress that kickstarted my love of them - Burda Style 02/2009 - #124, the first sheath dress I ever even tried on.
Favourite day of the week
  Predictably Friday, I love looking forward to what the weekend will bring and people are generally in a good mood out and about on a Friday evening.
Favourite flower 

  Changes all the time, but I do love lilies
Favourite celebrity Role Model
  I'm sure I will think of someone as soon as this post is done but right now I am stumped!

It's taken me so long to think of my 7 random things that I'm going to cheat a bit on nominating anyone else and just recommend that you take a look at the links above otherwise my houseguests are going to starve tonight!  

We have my sister in law, her husband and son arriving tonight from the UK for a week so there won't be much sewing going on over the holiday, but hopefully that means I will be raring to go afterwards.

Happy easter everyone!


  1. that was fun! I would never have guessed physics :) And you make me wish I was in HK. So easy to just step out for dinner or drinks. No need to drive anywhere!

  2. I agree with Vicki- I would have never guessed physics. wow!
    Your blog is one of my favorites- congratulations on all the well-deserved awards.


  3. wow, this was such an interesting read!
    theoretical physics, huh? Impressive :-D

  4. What a coincidence, I have a PhD in theoretical physics, too. So does Connie over at Physics Knits.

  5. Congratulations on the award and Happy Easter!