Tuesday 12 February 2008

BWOF 2008/01 - 120 Top Update & BWOF 2008/02

Well I am back from Oz and it's still freezing here and will be until the weekend, I want to get straight back on the plane for warmer climates, but the next best thing is to get in the sewing room (with a heater on full blast).

I adjusted the top pattern to add about 1 inch FBA and have cut the fabric and started putting it together, this part is happening quite fast but I am not feeling love for this top right now. It's hard to see how the whole thing will look until the collar is completed so I am going to persevere and should get it finished at the weekend. The main problem I have I think is that the fabric is slightly transparent which means that when the top is wrapped over you can see all the underwrap - tie, wrinkles and all. I also need to add more shaping on the side seams to make it fit me better which is an easy adjustment. I'm planning on picking up some lace trim this week so I can finish the collar and then I'll post some pictures. I have found that I am much more objective and see things I might otherwise have missed when looking at photos compared to the mirror.

I picked up the February BWOF as soon as I got back - priorities! - and really love this issue. It seems to be more spring oriented than I can remember February issues being in the past which at the rate I sew is a good thing. There are lots of things I like;

103A twist front dress - intrigued, but a little unsure of this design, definitely one to do in a muslin first
107 chiffon v neck dress - in reality probably too plunging for me, but I love the design, maybe for hot summer holiday....
113 sundress with flounce - love this for a printed summer dress, would lengthen it for me
115 zip front jacket with ruffled collar - love this design would want it more fitted than the photo appears to be though
116 waistcoat blouse - jacket shaping that I can wear into the summer
119 sleeveless tie neck top - don't know if this will suit me or not, but it's quick & easy so it's traced and will try this next
121 3/4 length pants - great summery basic, like the wide leg
123A jersey blouson top - again not sure if this will suit me, but quick to find out

Will I make all of these - it's extremely unlikely, but I hope a few of these pieces will make it into my summer wardrobe. Top 119 will the be first one that I test out.

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