Thursday 27 March 2008

Butterick 5173 Analysis

As some of you may know, this pattern was recently recalled due to a major error. I had ordered it online and fortunately for me since I am a slow sewer with many patterns hadn't got around to making it. I received my replacement copy the other day and I know from the message boards at Pattern Review that there is some curiosity about the errors so below are some photos and notes which I hope will help.

Apologies for the dodgy photos, my decent camera is still in repair. If you click on them to make them larger hopefully they will be sufficiently detailed.

Here is the faulty pattern piece

Here is the good pattern piece

And here are the two side by side (good on left, faulty on right)

The differences are in the curve of the armscye which is a lot less curved on the faulty version and the side front is also much shorter. The side notches are much higher up too (on the size 14, the distance from the top to the centre of the notches is 3cm in the faulty version and 9cm in the good version). You can also see the shape of the centre front is different too - much more L shaped in the good version.

Here is the faulty piece;

Here is the good piece;

And here are the two side by side;

Again you can see that the armscye in the faulty version is much less curved and the v back is much deeper. The double notches at the side are both in the same place here - 9cm from the top for the size 14. So this may be an easy way to check if you have the new version or not - if your side notches on the front and back pieces do not match up then you have the faulty pattern.

I hope this is helpful to some of you, if you would like me to make any other measurements just let me know. Does anyone have any ideas what went wrong - it sort of looks like it was originally drafted for someone with a very long upper body, but I have very limited experience of pattern drafting so I am guessing here.


  1. Allison, thank you for posting these pictures. I'm really curious to see what the consensus is (regarding what happend). cheers, Rose

  2. I don't own this pattern, but I find this whole pattern recall concept to be quite interesting. Thanks for posting the photos.

  3. Thanks for posting the photos! I actually made and reviewed the dress (with a thumbs down rating...) but have yet to send in my pattern for a replacement copy.