Monday 26 May 2008

BWOF 08/2003 105 Pants

Voila, the third piece of my Pattern Review mini wardobe contest entry.
These are not the same pants as in my original storyboard. This is because I had a (rare!) bright idea how I could link my pieces together to make more of a mini collection than a bunch of separates.

I decided to add a belt and buckle feature to the dress, pants and white shirt. My local notions market stalls didn't have quite the right thing and while I was pondering whether to take a trip further afield I noticed some silver earrings in the stall next door.  Although these were too expensive to justify taking apart they gave me the idea to search for earrings or perhaps a belt in some of the cheaper stores. H&M came up trumps!  

I decided to fasten the belts to the buckles with snaps so that I could swap out the buckles at a later stage should the perfect one appear and this also means it is possible to change them to create slightly different looks. I also changed the front waistband to have a small section in the silk dupioni that I used for the top.

An added bonus to making this change to my original storyboard was that this pants pattern is really simple! They have a yoke waistband, side zip and slightly flared legs. The much loved BWOF pants cut is there and they are quick to make especially if you don't fuss with the waistband. 


  1. Brilliant idea to use the earring as a buckle! It looks great.

  2. How fabulous! What a clever idea to use the earings on both the pants and the shirt.

  3. LOVE the earring/buckle!!!!

  4. Great suit! Love the earring/buckle also.

  5. I love the buckle idea and will definitely be on the look-out for earrings to steal this look! :)

  6. Outstanding job with the belt! I love it!