Wednesday 4 June 2008

Fabric Distractions

It was a good thing I managed to finish my mini wardrobe - seriously with no deadline I would have wandered off onto other projects.

Amazingly I didn't have the black fabric for either the pants or the top in my stash so popped out during my lunchbreak to Western Market, Sheung Wan. My office is just around the corner which is very dangerous! This is an old building (in HK terms anyway) which against the odds is still standing. 
The 1st floor is full of fabric stores and I found myself at Yau Fat fabrics managed by the lovely but persuasive Rowena. This store is full of amazing fabrics and after purchasing my black fabrics I splurged on some other pieces. It is quite expensive but the quality of everything I have bought there has been excellent.

So this was what I bought (I take these designer names with a pinch of salt...)

Left to right : silk print by Marni (this matches the HP top I just made perfectly so may make a skirt from this), silk jersey by, you guessed it, Missoni for a top and brown/blue silk also by Missoni for a dress.

Now you can see the real motivation for wanting to reduce my stash a bit!!

My next project though is none of these, but a jersey summer dress - BWOF 2005/05 - 125 which I am hoping to have done by Saturday.  However, so far I have only traced the pattern so nothing to show yet - next time....


  1. can't wait to see it, I love the green and ivory fabric, all of them are beautiful but that caught my eye.

  2. Ah, the Western Market. I have many a good fabric from that place :))

  3. What would we do without true fabric stores like this one or the ones I go to in NY's garment district? The fabric is everything!

  4. How convenient to have that so close to your workplace. I wish there was something fabric-related nearby for me to spend my lunch hour, but probably better that there's nothing..!

  5. Know what you mean about needing a deadline to finish :-)

    Simply scrumptious fabrics!