Thursday 20 January 2011

Patrones Issue 272, 48 Versace Skirt

Here is a reminder of the pattern.

Melissa wisely commented...

"ooh I can't wait to see the Versace skirt in real life - I have that issue but the model photo really frightens me, like it'd show every little ounce of belly. That you're so enthusiastic totally intrigues me."

...which is interesting and got me thinking that it is very rare for me to select a pattern based on magazine photos these days, I really just look at the line drawings.

In this case I think the model is just doing one of those model-ly poses and trying to look curvier than she is, or something! At the end of the day this is a pretty simple, slightly high waisted pencil skirt. I like it because;

1) Its based on a Versace design and I am a total sucker for that kind of thing.
2) The section seams are placed further out to the side seams which suits my shape better.
3) The cut is slim, yet there is no need for a back vent - admittedly I haven't tried climbing on a bus in this yet though.
4) For Christmas my husband got me a years subscription to Patrones so I wanted to get a bit of practice in and get comfortable with the sizing.

If you already have a pencil skirt pattern that you like then there is certainly no need to try and track down this old Patrones or the February Burda mag looks like it has 2 decent pencil skirts in it. The second one is very similar to my skirt - the back looks the same and the front has darts instead of seams to shape the front.

Anyway enough waffle, here is the finished skirt, like most pencil skirts, it's versatile, classic and quick to make too. This is going to be part of a mini grey collection (details to follow....) so I will show photos when all the pieces are done.


  1. That fabric looks so lovely.

  2. Hello, the skirt is gorgeous, the color is perfect, as I imagine the look with a sophisticated or casual.


    Eilane - Brazil

  3. This looks great- the fabric is a wonderful color and looks easy to wear.

  4. Your skirt is beautiful!!! I need to make another gray pencil skirt. Do you know if Burda will offer that skirt pattern on their Burda Style website? I know that they are selling some of the patterns from their magazines. I don't want to buy the whole mag just for that one pattern,but I may have to because I just love that skirt.

  5. Great skirt! I'm in need of adding some basic pencil skirts to my wardrobe. I was so excited to see the Burda ones when I received my issue.

  6. That skirt looks great and I can't wait to see your gray collection. I have the Feb. issue of Burda and will check out the skirt you are talking about.

  7. Your husband got you a Patrones subscription for Christmas? What LOVE!

  8. Looks nice and very well made. Lookgin forward to see your collection!