Saturday 31 August 2013

McCall's 6069 Jersey Dress - 3rd time around

First thanks to all for your comments on my previous post, the navy faux wrap dress - just to address a few queries;

- the pattern is from an old issue of Burda Style magazine, May 2007, it might be possible to get a copy on ebay or it might even be somewhere on the Burda Style website, but how you search for it is a mystery to me.  There are a couple of similar patterns available that are worth checking out;
Simplicity 1653
Simplicity 2369

- Speaking of the mysterious Burda Style organisation, Perfect Nose provided a link to the French site which has a better picture.  Goodness knows why even the archive magazine content on each site is so different;
France from 09/2006
Germany from 08/2009
Russia from 01/2004 
and English language version still nothing since they deleted it all a few years ago
Argh, don't get me started!

- thank you to Sewing Sveta who confirmed that wrap and odour are indeed written the same in Russian, proving that computers aren't ready to replace human translators yet (though I have no doubt there are more sophisticated translation programmes out there than the free google one).

Moving on to another dress........

With the obvious exception of the Aussies and Kiwis everyone seems to be moving to autumn sewing, but I am still firmly stuck in summer and very behind with this blog.  I will get some photos of me wearing this and a few other makes soon - I am going on holiday soon to Italy and will get some on location photos I promise!

I recently wore my maxi version of McCall's 6069, a very easy and popular pattern from a few years back and was reminded what a great summer dress it is, so I whipped up another one from this stripy rainbow printed jersey.  Unfortunately the pattern is no longer available on the Mccall's website.

When I say whipped up, I really do mean it - the pattern envelope states this is a 1 hour dress in terms of sewing time and I probably wasn't far off that.

For this version I copied an idea that I pinched from previous reviewers and used the plain square necked front of view C as the back, instead of having a cowl front and back.  It worked perfectly and, surprisingly to me given that it has no shaping whatsoever I can even wear the dress backwards though I doubt I will.

The only problem with the square neckline is that is is faced and despite understitching and topstitching it still kept creeping out, so I just trimmed it off close to the row of topstitching.  I would normally bind edges in a knit but I wasn't confident handling those square corners.

I can't believe I have never thought to make the long sleeve version of this so maybe if summer ever ends there will be a version 4.


  1. Great print! It's perfect for this dress. I'm still sewing for summer too. LOL

  2. i love it with the stripes, very pretty and flattering.
    Its still summer, make what you want to wear now.

  3. So pretty! And I am still with you on sewing for summer - I am not ready to deal with all of the details and structure for fall... not when it is still so hot outside!

  4. I absolutely love your latest version of this dress. That is a great fabric choice for the pattern, too.

  5. Love that pattern and any dress that can be made in less than two hours is a great pattern. I love your choice of fabric and when there is a chill in the air you can just throw on a shawl or sweater and still be in style!

  6. i see so many great versions of this dress!

    I tried it as my second garment ever, and it was a big flop :( definitely down to my sewing skills rather than the pattern, but your version has inspired me to try again!!

  7. I have a similar cowl neck pattern that can be made into a top, a tunic or a maxi dress. I just love these inconspicous patterns that end up our favourite ones to be used over and over again

  8. I love that fabric. I wish I could sew so well. My sewing skills are more hodge podge. My mum has a few old school vintage patterns lying around so I will be giving those a go.


  9. Great combination of fabric and pattern! It's also nice to have the option to wear a dress backward, even if you're pretty sure you never will. ;)

  10. I have a much loved version of this dress. But I wish I'd made the flat back version as I have no option but to wear with a jacket or cardigan.

  11. Cute dress and a wonderful fabric.