Tuesday, 27 November 2018

BurdaStyle 9/2018 - 121 Knit Wrap Top

It's no secret that I am a big fan of Burda magazine, for me it is by far the cheapest way to get sewing patterns and I love the inspiration it gives me every month.  I don't even mind the tracing and the minimal instructions....

BUT, I have to say the instructions for this very simple top are terrible!!  There are only 3 pattern pieces and I know I have even made a similar top from Burda before.  (Fehr Trade posted the same thing on her instagram so it's not just me having a dumb moment).

BurdaStyle 09/2018 - 121

Despite the awful instructions I do actually love the finished top.

Anyway I would say ignore the nonsense about cutting into one side of the front self facing (the very first step!) as it is not needed.  I guess the idea is that the other front passes through the slit, but it's not clear later on.  Even in my bulkier fabric I don't think it makes any difference.  The instructions also have "(NAHT)" in two places and goodness only knows what that means!!  Neaten allowances together pops up at the end of a few other steps so maybe something like that?!?

Stupid instructions aside this is a really nice pattern.  I made mine in a heavier fabric than recommended - a double knit - so mine is more sweatshirt than blouse.  I like using fabrics like this for wrap tops though as the "stickiness" of the fabric makes it more secure.  I originally planned to make this in more of a t-shirt knit and I might still go back and try it.

I am way behind on blogging my finished items.  It's the taking photos on me that slows it all down, but I think it is really useful to see the clothes being worn and it also helps me to see if something needs fixing or styling differently - sometimes the camera shows you things a mirror does not so I will really try and keep going.


  1. That’s very nice. The purple suits you well too! I wonder if Burda have changed their translator? I agree, I really can’t see where you’d want to cut a slit in the front of this one unless there is something clever going on inside that I can’t see. And it looks fine as is.

  2. I've made 2 of these, the first one I cut the slit but the second time I didn't. I really like the pattern though

  3. This top look fabulous on you! The long line of the wrap is very slimming (not that you need slimming), and extends the silhouette. It's too bad that the instructions were terrible, but you could sew anything, Allison. I'm glad you persisted.

  4. This top looks so nice and cozy! Sometimes, I find, instructions are more a hindrance than a help. So glad you saw your way through them.

  5. Your top looks fabulous out of this weight and color! I've already made this top too and completely agree with you on the head-wrapping instructions. The NAHT completely confused me and I wasted an inordinately amount of time thinking that was some sort of sewing vocabulary I "needed" to know..... all to realize it probably meant 'neaten seam allowances' as you mentioned here. The cutting of the fabric in the first step also gave me pause and wasted time..... I did end up cutting the fabric but until I read your post completely missed that I should've used the opening as a slit for the other side to pass. All that said I love my top so much and want to make another. Enjoy yours!! :)

  6. I even e-mailed Burda about inferior instructions.
    They were terrible.

  7. Very nice - great color and it fits beautifully. I keep looking at that pattern and trying to decide whether to make it. I have a New Look pattern that is so similar which I've made a couple of time but it is slightly oversized. Now I want to try this one.

  8. I would contact Customer Support at about the abbreviation NAHT. They are pretty good about responding to inquires. It might take them a day or two to get back with you. Also, for anyone interested in the patterns on their website, they are running a 50% off sale. It ends today.

  9. It is really nice on you! The color and the silhouette.
    Something is happening over at Burda...lots of weirdness in the past couple of months.

  10. Lovely blouse, the colour & fit are perfect on you. I found a website which says that NAHT is "seam" in German, which makes sense to me although I haven't seen the pattern.

    1. That's right. The German noun Naht does mean seam. As in 'a seam', not 'to seam'. So even though I know what it translates to (my mother tongue is German), I am still none the wiser!
      They want you to put a seam there? Sorry, what? That's terrible instructions.

  11. Great looking top and oh Burda instructions but as you say it is a great way to get the patterns.

  12. You look amazing! Such an elegant top.
    "Naht" night simply be a leftover from translation - it means "seam" in German. I'll maybe have a look in the German version of the instructions to check.

  13. Love it! I always find I have to get creative with construction whenever I made a Burda pattern with any sort of draping detail, even when it shouldn't be that complicated.

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  15. What a beautiful wrap top you made, it looks really great on you! I'm currently working on this pattern and didn't understand the instructions as well ... But now that I've read a few boogposts of people making this pattern I figure the cutting into the front pannel is to reduce bulk in the sideseam! Does make sense I guess because when you cut according to the image that is inserted you only have one layer to Stitch in the sideseam. When you don't cut the front pannel you have folded fabric (facing and front to insert in the sideseam. I hope my top will turn out as lovely and wearable as yours!

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  21. It seems that the simple tops have the worst instructions with Burda. It's a great top.

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