Friday 11 January 2019

BurdaStyle 8/2018 - 111 Wrap Jacket

I AM going to get this blog up to date with my 2018 finished items before moving on to the new year.  I hope that in 2019 I can accept I am neither a model nor a photographer and not let that get in the way of posting regularly.  I need to keep telling myself that this is a sewing blog to share what I am making and to connect with the online sewing community - nothing more - and the photos and writing do not need to be perfect.  So first up is this BurdaStyle jacket from August 2018.

This wrap jacket is a really interesting design, I loved the neckline shape and the sleeve detail is fabulous. but not too crazy.  I made this in some khaki twill cotton which I'm honestly not sure was the best fabric choice, but I'm still working through my pile of super cheap fabric which gives me freedom to experiment a bit.

BurdaStyle 8/2018 - 111

While I like the look of the finished jacket, I wonder if it would be better in a more lightweight fabric than the cotton twill that I used here, although then the sleeve detail - which I love - would be lost I suppose.  

I also made a simple coordinating print skirt.  This is a BurdaStyle pattern I've used before (12/2011 - 108).  It's extremely basic, but sometimes that is all you need especially in a print fabric. 

I've also found that like many wrap garments it is a bit fussy to keep everything in place when you start moving around in real life - as you can see in the photos below.  I need to add a snap or two on the front which will help somewhat.


  1. Your blog has always been fun to read. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. This is a great looking jacket. I think the whole outfit is very flattering on you.

  2. Love reading your blog and seeing your smiling face. This jacket has some lovely details and it looks lovely on you, however it would be interesting to see it in a softer fabric, I don't think the sleeve detail will disappear too much.

  3. I have this pattern in saved in my favorites. I really like the style lines. Thanks for the post. You are always an inspiration.

  4. Sooo happy you are back! I love your blog: great fabrics, great sewing and a lot of Burda (my favorite as well), so it is always very inspiring!

  5. Love the style of this jacket! Great with the skirt and the jeans!

  6. What are you worried about? Your posts and photos are just perfect. The jacket is great and the match with the skirt is fab too. I wonder if a shirting type fabric would also work. Crisp for the sleeves but a bit less stiff overall. But not very warm I suppose :)

  7. Thanks for sharing your fantastic creations Allison. Your photos and writing are perfect and perfectly you, so they're authentic and sincere and just pure talent. Sewing blogs would be boring if they all have the same style! I really like this jacket and the colour you chose. The wavy neckline is unique, it almost look like a v-wrap but when you look closer, those curves are there! Details like this and tucks in the sleeves are what make this stand out!

  8. I love reading your blog and see you modeling your fabulous wardrobe. When I see one of your posts popping up I know it'll be an interesting read because you only post when you have something substantial to say or show. Very pretty outfit, and I hear you on wrap jackets that don't stay put when you're moving around. Hope your snaps work! By the way, I love the colour coordinated bird on your shoulder ;)

  9. Lovely jacket, thank you for reminding me of the pattern. Agree with others that it's always nice to read your posts. Nothing wrong with the photos!

  10. As others have said, there's nothing wrong with either your writing or the photos. Even if there were, I'd still read your blog as it's the sewing that matters, and that is superb - I love this top & skirt, they make a great combination.

  11. I think it's so easy for us to look at the "shiny" blogs and think we "should" aspire but then I remind myself...I sew because I love it and I blog because I sew. And as long as I have clear photos that show me, if no one else, the fit and features -- that's all that matters!

    I especially love this color but overall just a great piece to add tot he wardrobe!

  12. I've always loved your blog. Nothing wrong with your photos or writing, but I understand. I feel the same about mine.
    Great to see this pattern sewn up. Looks lovely

  13. Your blog is just fine. We are here about the sewing and this post was awesome. The jacket looks so much better on you than the form. While it looks fine I can see it in a drapey charmeuse print or such, more blouselike, as well. Then entire ensemble is lovely.

  14. You have made a far better version than Burda's, really underscoring the charm of the sleeve design with a fabric with body. As for worrying about the quality of your photos, did this ever hold me back? Keep up the great wardrobe design and inspiration for the rest of us.

  15. I also enjoy reading your blog and seeing your photos. It's perfect just as it is.

  16. Love this jacket! It looks so fantastic with the coordinating skirt, I hope you enjoy wearing it because it looks so great. And your blog has always been one of my favorites - please don't let some strange idea of "perfection" stand in the way of posting as much as you want to.

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