Sunday 18 January 2009

Melbourne fabric spree and my next project

Thanks for the comments on the butterfly tops - it seems that the pattern is still available through McCalls by the way.

While I was in Melbourne over the New Year, I met up with Hong Kong Shopper Vicki and she took me to a great outlet store that also sold fabric which I would never have found on my own so thank you Vicki!  I was feeling less thankful when trying to close my suitcase, but my Christmas weight came in handy for sitting on it to get the darn thing shut!  It was worth it though!  Here we are with our goodies, my pile is quite a bit bigger than Vicki's but I actually only bought 3 pieces, 2 unusual fabrics and one real bargain one.

Bargain burnout velvet fabric

Pre tucked, sequinned fabric with chiffon gores already inserted.  Vicki promised not to let on if I claimed to have done these myself, but there's probably no fooling you guys!  It will be a quick skirt or dress to make with this!

No idea what this is, black/coppery embroidered tucked fabric, it almost has a leather look, this will be a jacket or coat.

I've started working on my next project which is in the current continuing vein of completely random and new patterns.  It's this sporty waistcoat from BWOF 10/2008 - 123.  It's coming along quite well - look, I even put in real functioning pockets!  Not that you can fit much in them, but as someone known for lazy sewing, I'm pretty proud of myself none the less.


  1. Nice fabrics. I'm about to start that waistcoat as well! I can't wait to see how yours turns out.

  2. Oh what fun that you got to meet up with Vicki again and fabric shop too! You got some nice pieces and have you already started to use one on the Burda jacket?

  3. How fun! I just love that sequined/chiffon-ed fabric!

  4. I just LOVE sew get-togethers :)

    Small world- Vicki just told me she used to live in my town here in NJ!

    and that vest rocks.

  5. What fun! You did get some nice steals!

  6. Ah, the camera is back! Nice photo. That vest looks very interesting. Still no sewing from me. It is currently too hot to breath let alone sew.

  7. please could you tell me where is this fabric outlet as I live only 2hours from Melbourne. Janine

  8. You two look like you're enjoying yourself, beautiful smiling faces :) Great fabric finds. And the pocket is super, and even if small it's such a nice place to slip a note, or a few dollar bills- which you'll forget about and be so happy to find later :))

  9. I wish I could find a great outled like that here on the Gold Coast. I only have Spotlight.