Tuesday 29 April 2008

BWOF 2008-03 117 Top/Jacket

I finally finished my BWOF March project. I have to say that I wasn't feeling too excited about it at the time, but now I have just done my little photo session this top/jacket has really grown on me - despite the awful unflattering pictures taken late at night! (at the risk of sounding like a broken record, my camera has been in the repair shop for a month now, argh!). Anyway I think this is one of those patterns that you need to see on a real person to see how it looks so I'll just put my vanities to one side.....

Part of the problem with making this jacket was my fabric choice, which is a cotton with a bit of stretch in it (you don't need the stretch at all, but I decided I wanted a red one and this was what was in the stash). This pattern would work much better with something a little softer and drapier. As it was I had big problems getting the very curved seams to lie flat and not look puckered - you can probably see that they are not perfect, but I think this is still very wearable.

I absolutely love the sleeves and I was a little nervous whether I would even like them - generally I'm not into anything puffy! I hope this will make me a bit braver to try new details - BWOF is great for these so I have no excuses.

The only change I made to this pattern was to draft a separate interfaced hem facing as I didn't think I would get a satisfactory finish just turning up the hem allowance with my fabric.

I also popped into a local fabric store at lunchtime today and picked up these goodies for some summer pieces, clockwise from bottom left;
- border embroidered cotton voile, 2 yards - skirt or dress, will need lining
- stretch print cotton, 3 yards - dress?
- denim (good to use on either side, the dark side is the reverse), 4 yards. This is wide fabric so should get a few pieces from this - jeans & skirt at least
- print linen, 3 yards - skirt?

I have no idea yet what I'll be making next, we have a public holiday here on Thursday and I'm off on a short vacation the following week so even though I may not get much sewing done for a couple of weeks, I'll certainly be thinking about it!


  1. Allison, the jacket looks great on you. My daughter really liked this one, I may have to try it.

  2. I love this jacket! The sleeves are wonderful.

  3. The jacket is a winner. It has a nice slimming effect. Thanks for the tip about suggested fabric type.

  4. Very cute top/jacket! The sleeves are very trendy but without being too poofy.

    I had a dream about HK last sister and I were there with our families and it was the last day of our holiday and I realised we had not been shopping yet!!!! I tell you, it was a

  5. Oh, I forgot to say, that the new fabric purchases should look good with the new jacket. Mini SWAP?

  6. Funny you should say that Vicki, 5 minutes ago I entered the PR mini swap contest with no plan at all, but I would like to use some of my new fabrics. And yes doing no shopping while in HK would be a nightmare. Well for you, it would probably be a good thing for me!!

  7. Hi! Your BWOF top looks very nice.
    Thanks for your comments on my version of the top on PR. I want to make another one!

  8. Your jacket is fabulous! I really love it in red. (Note to self - make this jacket in red.) Agreed about the princess seams, I had a fair amount of puckering in mine, but honestly, I just don't sweat those details.

  9. I always love seeing people's new fabric is interesting to see what makes them want to create...but if you decide that you don't want the embroidered voile, you can send it to me! :)

    The jacket is really cute!

  10. That cream with blue eyelet is so very pretty! I also like your jacket / blouse.

  11. The jacket turned out so beautiful! I think you did a very nice job with it and you look wonderful with the jacket on! This pattern also caught my eye, because of the very flattering neckline and the interesting sleeves!

  12. Oh I love this.. and such a great shade of red!

  13. Great jacket. The neckline and sleeves are so special.
    The fabrics you bought are very nice too, looking forward to see what you're going to make from them.