Wednesday 2 April 2008

Firstly a huge thank you to Vicki who nominated my blog for an Excellent Blog award.

I am really honoured, I'm pretty new to blogging and I'm learning all the time so thank you for the encouragement. I did see your blog post, but my name was linked to Laura's blog so I am glad you left me a comment too - how embarrassing would it have been to accept my award only to find you meant another Allison!!! Now I'm supposed to nominate 10 more blogs - I will have to do a bit of research and see which ones have not already been nominated. Oh, and Vicki, next time you live up to your blog name and come over here for some retail therapy you must let me know!

Everyone seems to have been doing some Spring cleaning of their sewing rooms and stashes lately. I have passed on those 2 copies of Patrones , but otherwise my stash has been going in the other direction! Look what I got from Gorgeous Fabrics yesterday. I have a thing about butterfly prints all of a sudden so couldn't resist purchasing the silk jersey and to make best use of the shipping costs I added in a few other pieces and totally forgot what I ordered. So it was a pleasant surprise to see I'd purchased some of the same border print that Adrienne recently used to make her fab dress.

As well as shopping I've even done a bit of sewing - this is a twist on the twist top - Butterick 5185, made up in a lovely weight of jersey, again from Gorgeous Fabrics. Super easy to sew, especially if you have made any one of the popular twist patterns out there. I just have the sleeves and hem to do so I will post about that next time.

I hope I get my camera back from the repair shop soon, boy do I miss it!


  1. Isn't that fabric FANTASTIC!?!? I LOVE IT! Can't wait to see what you create with yours!

  2. Oops, sorry! I have gone and fixed the link. Yesterday I updated my sidebar as well and that took me all morning. I had better go check all those as well. I love seeing what you have made, always so beautifully done!

    My sister and I are hoping to get to HK this year. As my sister is doing a course we need to come in school holidays, but my eldest DD is in her final year at school and may need me to be around for her! And mum has been a bit frail. So hopefully!

  3. Oooh, that butterfly silk jersey is TDF...