Sunday 13 April 2008

Summer Sewing Begins - New Look 6429

Sorry there haven't been any posts all week, I have been holding out for my camera to come back from the repair shop, but still no sign of it so more blurry, hastily taken pictures here I'm afraid.

I have a few projects on the go - it's starting to get warm and humid here now and every year I just never have enough suitable clothes for this season so I am focusing on summer now. I'm in a dress mood at the is the first completed item.

New Look 6429

This is an extremely popular mock wrap dress - there are currently 39 reviews of it over at Pattern Review, and I'm not sure there is any point in adding mine to the list. I made View C (the one in the photo) in some herringbone tweed print jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics (really I do buy fabric from other places too!). The pattern is easy to follow, there are a few different variations of the pattern as you can see from the image above.

It's a very cleverly cut pattern, there are no side seams, the back pieces extend round the front. The only problem I had with this dress was that I found the neckline a bit low so I chose to bind the neck edges, effectively raising them by a seam allowance which was all it needed. This also replaced the facings which are a bit silly in a knit garment - I think most people who have made this pattern have omitted the facings anyway and just turned and stitched.

I usually wear skirts and dresses much much longer than this because I don't really like my legs, but I am getting a bit tired of the same look. So I will slap on the fake tan and will need to wear this dress with sky high heels. That's OK I found 2 pairs in my wardrobe that will work, but I'm thinking I NEED a red pair too!

On a totally unrelated note I relived my teenage years last night and went to see Duran Duran in concert. It was a blast, I had such a good time. Off to sing along in my sewing room now!!


  1. Great looking dress, like the shoes, to.

  2. Yes you NEED red shoes. And I am sure you will find the perfect pair in HK!

    Oh, and the dress is lovely too!!

  3. Yes, red shoes are an absolute must! They will be perfect with that super cute dress.

  4. its so weird how we all think alike,, first the dress then the shoes and maybe a shopping trip if we don't have the right shoes and maybe even NOT wearing the dress until we get the right shoes,, lol
    oh boy
    anyway,, beautiful dress!

  5. That's a beautiful dress- love how the herringbone shows off in the cut. It's hot here too- about 90 F- but not humid. I'm one of the few, I think, who actually prefer humid :-)

  6. This is a very cute dress. And I love both pair of shoes, they are great!

  7. Love the dress and love that you went to see Duran Duran! You rock!

  8. Beautiful dress, Allison! Perfect combinations for pattern and fabric!

    Love your shoes!

    Duran Duran?!?! They were my favorites when I was *young*, LOL! It must have been awesome!

  9. Very cute dress! I bet you look amazing in it!