Sunday 27 April 2008

New Look 6729 knit top

Woo hoo go me, another afternoon, another knit top!  This is another easy pattern, the envelope picture is a couple of posts below.  I made View B, the short sleeved, longer length version with ties.  I love how this one came out, I made a size 12 straight out of the envelope and didn't need to make any fitting alterations.  I think if I wear the top to the office I will put a cami under it, but otherwise it is fine.  I really should have used some clear elastic in the front neckline as this helps to keep this kind of top where it should be, but I have run out and I didn't want to wait!

The only other change I made was to cut an extra set of ties (i.e. 4 pieces instead of 2) so that I could sew them together and turn them right sides out.  the pattern simply has you cut two and hem the edges - since the wrong side will show when you knot the ties and wrap them round your back, I think it is neater to do it my way unless your fabric is particularly bulky.  I also left off the thread chains in the side seams to hold the ties in place, they just don't seem to really be necessary.

Finally I have a sewing with knits tip - do not be lazy and try on the top with pins in the side seams when checking the final fit before permanently stitching.  I did and while I was machining the seams felt my arm stinging and was horrified to look down and see that I had managed to do this!  


  1. That top is cute too! I wish I would have thought to cut four ties instead of two! LOL

  2. Ouch, ouch, ouch! Getting stuck with pins is the worst!

  3. How did you do that? Scratching while taking it off?

    Both tops are great and you will get lots of use out of them.

  4. First of all, be more careful! Second, that is a great top. I need to get over my "thing" about sewing with knits.

    Maybe you need to check out my tutorial about tying a proper knot or bow with single sided ties, hmmm?


  5. Both tops are gorgeous!! That last picture, ouch! I hope it heals soon!