Sunday 27 April 2008

Vogue 2980 knit top

One top down!  This was an easy pattern to make, it only took a couple of hours and I am no speed sewer!  The hardest part was choosing which size to make.  This top is one of Sandra Betzina's "today's fit" patterns, so the sizing is not the usual number system but letters A to J.  Based on the pattern envelope I was between a C and a D and when I flicked through a random selection of the many reviews on Pattern Review most reviewers indicated that it was very close fitting so I went with the D.  

As it turned out this was fine through the hips and waist but I found the shoulder and bust area to be a bit large although I was able to fix the front just by taking in the side seams.  The collar is however still a bit too long but I was committed by this stage and really didn't want to unpick it all so I think there is a bit of excess fabric in the underarm area.  The photo and pattern illustration have this too though so I think this may just be the way the pattern is drafted. If I make it again though I will go down a size.  The instructions and illustrations were fantastic I have to say, a real breath of fresh air after BWOF!  Overall I'm pretty happy with the finished top, I'm not madly in love, but I will still get plenty of wear out of it.