Sunday 20 January 2008

Brown basics update & what next?

The brown pants are coming along nicely, just need to do some hand finishing on the waistband and hem them. The print shirt is cut out and a few seams sewn. I have decided to experiment with strips of ribbon on the vertical seams with contrasting topstitching so I can't get any further with this until I buy some matching ribbon. While sewing I was pondering on what to do next and have a lot of ideas flying round my head at the moment. Maybe writing them down will help me make some decisions;

Looking at my stash, I have a lot of brown fabrics and it might be interesting - and practical to make new garments from these so I end up with some complete outfits, if not quite a mini wardrobe.

I also want to participate in the BWOF January 08 sewalong on Pattern review which will take place in February. I've already made the wrap top 116 from this issue but I also like dresses 113 and 121 and blouses 120 and 125.

Lastly I was looking at the Nordstrom website today and found some gorgeous, inspirational things - this is my current favourite by Armani.
I've seen similar brocade fabric on sale here and I don't think it would be too hard to find a pattern that has a similar look to this kimono jacket style, even a wrap blouse would give a similar look.

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  1. This is a gorgeous jacket. Would be wonderful if you could find similar fabric.