Thursday 24 January 2008

Sewing update 25/1/08

I generally don't get much time to sew during the week and tend to get most done at the weekend. However I am lucky enough to have a room that I have taken over as a sewing room so I can leave projects out and even if I can only manage half an hour in the evening it's better than nothing. So this week I've been playing with the ribbon trim idea for my top and this is where I am with that at the moment. The ribbon picks out the orange in the print, although it is shinier than I had planned (I didn't want to wait till the weekend to continue with the top so just purchased the ribbon at a store near my office). Actually I had planned on brown ribbon with orange topstitching, but it's good to stay flexible! To dull the shininess of the ribbon a bit I've added multiple rows of brown topstitching. It's going to take a while to do and will test my ability to sew in a straight line, but I like the sort of eastern feel it gives to the fabric.

I have decided that I need to remove the back facing from the pants and recut it. The pattern piece is straight and with the excess fabric that I have taken in at the back waist I now really need a curved back waistband. I was being lazy and thought I could get away with the straight one, but I'm not happy with it. Lesson learnt for the future.......maybe......

Finally, I've ordered a new toy - a gorillapod, which I hope will enable me to take photos using the self timer on the camera without assembling towers of books. It's on it's way so I'll be able to put it to the test soon.

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  1. The fabric looks beautiful and the style of the top seems a great choice for this fabric. The Gorillapod looks fun :)