Wednesday 15 April 2009

Final bridesmaid dress

Sorry for the long absence - I have emerged from under a pile of packing boxes to show you my finished dress.  I am moving into temporary serviced apartments on Friday and then head off to the UK on Wednesday for 2 weeks so I will post pictures of the dresses being worn when I get back and do full reviews on all the patterns.  

I am missing sewing, but everything is packed up now so I have been trying to keep up with all your blogs instead - it gives me my sewing fix even though I have not had much time to add any intelligent (or unintelligent, like usual, for that matter) comments.  I'll be in the serviced apartments for 2-3 months while the new place is being renovated and I am taking some sewing stuff with me.  It was hard deciding what to take, in the end I've packed my machine, serger, a selection of summery fabrics, this years BWOF's and essential notions - we'll see how I do.

Scarily small pile

Anyway you don't want to hear all that, you want to see a dress right?  

Close up of the hem treatment.  

This took ages just pinning everything on the dressform and then stitching the pleats in place.  I experimented with gathering, like the childrens dresses but the effect was too girly, I am happy with how it turned out.  

Now I just have to make sure that 2 weeks staying with my dad and his cheese toastie maker won't make the dress magically shrink!  

Wednesday 1 April 2009

Bridesmaid dress progress

Well our visitors have left and my sewing room is almost back to normal, although my husband is back to working 18 hour days, I'm slowly clearing the apartment in preparation for our move and it feels very empty - I really miss our guests, we had a lot of fun with them. But there is still lots to do on the dresses to keep me busy. The remaining ones are almost there. Here is the baby's dress, which just needs hemming and a bit of hand finishing inside.

And here is my dress which needs the sash hand sewn onto the bodice and a hem, which will be similar to the 3 year olds so the dress will be cocktail length when it's done.

Did anyone see the new offerings from Vogue, it's rare this happens to me these days but I simply have to get this dress pattern.

This one, er maybe not......