Thursday 26 July 2012

New Vogues!

I enjoy seeing what people are picking from the just released Fall Vogue patterns so here is what I plan to order in the next sale.  (I just missed the latest deadline by a couple of hours - never mind there will be another soon and it's not like I have no other patterns to sew).  I also picked up my August Burda and apart from the pyjama-y section I think it's a great issue.

I have been sewing and have a top and 2 dresses to blog, just waiting for the weather to brighten up a bit so I can get some half decent photos.  Hong Kong got hit by a big typhoon this week and it hasn't stopped raining since.


1316 Rebecca Taylor colourblock dress
I know making this will drive me nuts!

1321 Donna Karan coat.  
I really don't need another coat, but then I probably don't need any more dresses either and it doesn't stop me making them.

1324 Donna Karan blouse & skirt
This is my favourite.

8825 Knit dress

8827 Wrap dress, for wovens & with a draped neckline (also options for pleat neckline or half & half)

8831 Cowl neck raglan sleeve knit tops (also option for long sleeves and hi-lo hem)

Tuesday 10 July 2012

DKNY wearability report & BurdaStyle 08/2011 116 Dress

Ok first a wearability report on DKNY Vogue 1221.  I was most worried that the pleats and front wrap would move out of place, but actually they were fine.  However I was very conscious that unless I kept amazing posture all night then anyone taller than me (which is frankly most people if I'm not wearing skyscraper heels) could see straight down the front as it gapes a bit there in my relatively stiff stretch cotton.

The fix for this - now that it is completed and I am not unpicking anything - is to add in a strip that attaches to the top inside neckline and the other end tucks under your bra band.  I've seen these in some evening wear, I have no idea what it's called and haven't done it yet so I can't show you.  Does anyone know what I am talking about?  (I've occasionally done the same thing in emergencies with a strip of twill tape and a safety pin.)

[Edited to add - Thank you to Katherine who calls it a decolette stay and has instructions here!]

I seem to live in dresses in the summer so it's no surprise that I have made another one - the cowl neck dress #116 from 08/2011 Burda magazine.

There is no way I would dream of wearing this without a belt as it is too shapeless, but with a belt it is ideal casual wear.  I've made this from - slightly controversially - something very synthetic.  I have no idea what it is, a lightweight stretch woven that reminds me of sports fabric that you might make shorts or hiking pants out of.  I have to say it was a dream to work with and is surprisingly really cool to wear.  It was slightly narrow so I had to add a centre back seam to fit the pattern pieces onto the fabric.  Super quick to make and easy to wear.

Everyone seems to be tying their belts like this now which is great for ones which don't have extra belt loops

Closer look at the cowl neckline and cut on sleeves

It always amuses me how many bloggers have shots like this with bits of nosy pets in them!