Wednesday 19 August 2015

BurdaStyle 05/2010 - 105 Easy Dress Remake x2

Thank you for all the interesting comments on my last post about the twist dress.  My sewing mojo is back (admittedly given a little nudge by two recent visits across the border into China to buy fabric).  I am really behind with blogging now, not helped by updating our operating system and getting used to all the changes that has brought, I hate the new photo application in particular.  Oh well I guess by the time I am caught up blogging I will have got the hang of it.

I made this dress (5/2010 - 105) when it first came out in a terrible quality navy fabric.  I don't know if it was harder to get decent Jersey fabric 5 years ago or if I just didn't know where to shop, but happily that has all changed.  Despite the crappy fabric I wore this dress that year on my 40th birthday where I happened to be in Bermuda and have worn it regularly ever since, time to finally update it.

This is such a quick and easy dress to make that I decided to make another one in purple ITY too.  There is really nothing to say about the construction, I made the straight skirt a little wider, but if you have the shape and the confidence for it I do think a narrow skirt with the blousy top would look better.

It doesn't look much on either a hanger or my sad, falling to bits dress form, but it's really versatile, great for dressing up and down and perfect for travel which is handy as I am off to the UK tomorrow visiting family, these dresses are definitely coming with me.

Max the photobomber!

 The purple version (I have a bit of a thing for purple at the moment...)