Saturday 27 June 2015

BurdaStyle 03/2014 - 104 Skirt

I'd wanted to make this skirt for a while and tested it out in some cotton twill left over from another pair of Thread Theory Jedediah shorts for my husband.  Not going to bore you with a third pair of those, but I promise you we will never wear our matching outfits at the same time!

I got thoroughly confused putting this together and I am convinced that the technical drawing is wrong, but the pattern pieces are correct.  I think that the image on the left above is the back and on the right is how the front should look, with the zip switched to the left side.  So watch out for this if you make this pattern up.

I also found that it is very close fitting in the hips, I had to let the seams out in the front and I still don't have the fit right there as you can see from the wrinkles I am getting across the front as soon as I don't stand like a soldier, but I ran out of fabric.  I do like the skirt so I'll cut wider seam allowances next time, go up a size or look into full front thigh adjustments.  I even tried it on backwards in case my theory on the technical drawing error was garbage, but that made things worse!

I'm wearing it with the Style Arc Madeleine top which I was a bit non plussed about when I made it, but now I love it and wear it all the time.  I think I just got annoyed with having to fuss around with the band, but it's amazing what a bit of time in the old magic closet can do.


BurdaStyle 06/2013 - 111B Shorts

I don't often make or wear shorts for the very simple reason that I don't look very good in them, but on vacation I chill out a bit and care much less about these things!  So I decided to add a new pair in a colour to my extensive 2 pair shorts wardrobe!

I used this basic pattern from 06/2013 - 111 in a bright orangy red lightweight cotton sateen.  I think it is a bit too lightweight for this pattern and the legs stick out wider than the line drawing would suggest, also due to the fabric choice I suspect. I might take them in or I might just accept that these won't get worn very often and perhaps try them in a better fabric.  They also wrinkle like crazy.  That sounds like a lot of complaints, but I think the pattern is good and well drafted.

I left off the back welt pockets which just seemed like too much work when I'd never use them.  Wish I had put in side seam pockets though.  Fit wise they are to Burda's usual great standard for pants, I cut my usual 38 at the waist, 40 elsewhere and didn't need to make any other adjustments.  Once you've omitted the pockets, construction is really easy and these did not take long to make at all.

Here are some pics of me wearing the same outfit on a recent short trip to Hoi An in Vietnam for my birthday.   I have to admit that I am not so mad on my striped top now that I see it in photos, unless you are close enough to see the knot detail, the stripes do make me look a bit lopsided!  So not quite an outfit fail, but not one I can get overly excited about.  The holiday was lovely though!