Tuesday 28 June 2011

I'm back

I am back from a fantastic vacation to a temporarily tidy sewing room, 2 new Burdas, 2 Patrones, hundreds of blog posts and lots of torrential rain! I may not be commenting much while I catch up, but I hope not to miss anything and I hope too that there will be some sewing from me soon.

I visited Peru, the Galapagos Islands and a stop off in Vegas on the way back home, a lot of flying but totally worth it, truly the trip of a lifetime. Thank you all for the comments on the 1 yard dress, it got a couple of wears in Vegas!

Wednesday 15 June 2011

Burda Style 06/2004 130 Dress

I found this remnant of fabric in the market and simply had to buy it and even there was barely a yard of it I wanted it to be a dress. I trawled through all my old Burda magazines trying to find a pattern that would work and after a lot of trial and error that I won't bore you with, came up with this one - 06/2004 - 130.

It is so easy to make that I had 95% of it finished in one evening. Mine is unlined because my fabric has a lot of stretch and I didn't want to lose the comfort factor by adding less stretchy lining. Then I decided it would be better with sleeves and I did nothing more on it for about a week while I procrastinated about it. Finally I added some cap sleeves which came from Burda 11/2010 - 119. I just had enough fabric left to cut them double so I didn't have to hem them.

The fabric was ridiculously cheap (HK$20 or about US$2.50) so this is one bargain dress and I think I have found another TNT dress pattern in the process!

Saturday 4 June 2011

Sewists are Stylists too!

Guys thank you all for the great suggestions on the kimono top, you have saved it from the PJ pile! I am about to go on a trip so if it goes a bit quite round here for a bit that is why (my posting is a bit sketchy so maybe no one would have noticed!). I am hoping to get a post up that will appear while I am away but, well, lets see how today goes......