Friday 9 September 2016

Style Arc Pamela Dress

This Style Arc Pamela dress pattern is designed for fabrics that are "woven with a slight stretch component or silk".  However I do love a knit dress and am always on the lookout for new patterns to try and there just aren't enough!  I had a sudden thought to try this in a crazy printed knit and so I cut it out before I got sensible and changed my mind.

Style Arc Pamela Dress

Honestly I wasn't 100% sure this would work so I didn't spend much time thinking about the best way to make this in jersey and just dived in, except for cutting the centre back on a fold and leaving off the zipper.

So, weirdly my dress has all in one neck/armhole facings and also facing strips to finish the armholes on top of the facing!  Next time I will probably just use the neck facings for the sleeved version.  I didn't interface the facings either because I wanted to keep the stretch so they really aren't doing anything other than finishing off the edges a bit.  Basically the construction of my dress is a bit haphazard and definitely unconventional, but it works.

I did decide that darts in a lightweight knit were a step too far so I left those off.  This means that I only really have the option of wrapping the ties to the back otherwise it is a bit shapeless, but that's ok.

I found the instructions great until I got to attaching the collar, maybe I skipped over it or got mixed up between dress and facing pieces, but it seemed that the shoulder seam got sewn twice and the centre back collar seam not at all. Since I was going off piste anyway I just did my own thing.  It's not a difficult dress to put together, just remember that Style Arc uses different seam allowances to the Big 4.

My dress is a 10 although I inadvertently added a bit extra in the back when I cut that piece on the fold - I'm so used to using Burda with no seam allowances - but this is where I most need a bit of extra room so it worked out well.  I think the armholes may be a little low which may be down to my slightly bonkers fabric choice and finishing technique.

I'm surprised and pleased with how much I like the finished dress and I will definitely be making this again and trying out the sleeved version too.  I can also see it with a maxified or flared skirt.  Maybe I'll even make it in the suggested fabric one day.....