Friday 29 February 2008

Vogue 2973 Jacket Update

I was going to write a post midweek called "Zipping Along", but that never happened because 1) it's a bit of a corny title and 2) suddenly I wasn't zipping along at all.

It started off well. I popped to a local market stall on the offchance that they would have the metal zippers I needed for this jacket. I had resigned myself to a trip further afield which meant everything would be on hold till the weekend (I'll do a post on this one day but Sham Shui Po in HK is a sewing and craft paradise with entire shops devoted to zips or beads etc...). Anyway not only did the local stall have the zips I needed but the stallholder shortened them for me in about 30 seconds. I figured it would have taken me at least 30 minutes to find some pliers and because she could get 2 short zips out of one long one it was cheaper too - only a few HK dollars, but I'd have happily paid more! Fantastic service!

So I could crack on with the jacket during the week and made good progress until it came to the topstitching on the front. For some reason I just could not get it the way I wanted it and it was driving me crazy. On the 3rd attempt and 2nd evening I finally got there and then I was indeed zipping along.

Now I have a jacket, collar, sleeves and lining/facing and they just need to be assembled together. Ironically I have found that my sleeve zippers are too long so I still need to shorten them. I really did have to spend some time looking for pliers after all and got distracted in the process which turned into a tidying session. It turns out the pliers are stored on the husband's flying fifteen boat at the moment so I think I may just take the sleeves to my trusty market stall tomorrow morning and ask her to fix them.

Anyway, enough of all this waffle, lets see some pictures.

Front view

Side view

Sleeves with those pesky zips to adjust


  1. Fabulous! This is on my list for next week.

  2. Looking good. I would love to know how you shorten the zippers - from the top or bottom?

  3. Looking great so far!!! It's going to be a fabulous jacket! This pattern is coming my way too!

  4. Anticipation is keeping me waiting...

    Your jacket is amazing so far and I can't wait to see it finished!