Friday 25 April 2008

T shirts, coming soon...

Well last week was a bit of a write off sewing wise, but I have finally got rid of my cold so hopefully something will get done soon.  Laura has been sick too and made a lovely silk blouse. I just felt sorry for myself and only managed to cut out a couple of easy tops;

New Look 6729 in black knit from my stash
Vogue 2980 in the same fabric 
Perhaps I should have held off on cutting them out as today I received my new Hot Patterns, both t-shirts;
 - Weekender sunshine tops
 - Riviera designer knock off t shirts (not the official name of the pattern, but you know the one I mean)

Still there is plenty more fabric where the black knit came from and you can't have too many knit tops.

I've also just about finished BWOF 2008/03-117 and now I have seen Reethi's finished version I am determined to get it done today, so I hope I am posting about that next time.  It's red cotton which reminds me that so far my mission to find the perfect red shoes has been unsuccessful.  I haven't been to the scarily expensive places yet though - of course I am bound to find them there!


  1. I just made that new look pattern in black and love, love, love it!!!

  2. I have Vogue 2980 aging in my stash. When it reaches the peak of perfection, I'll make it. In the meantime, I'll wait to see how yours turns out.