Wednesday 8 October 2008

Patrones Issue 272, 12 Hallhuber Jacket Finished!

Sorry for the lack of postings lately, we've just had a couple of public holidays which you think would leave more time for sewing and blogging, but the opposite seems to be the case.

The jacket is finished, thank you for all your comments. In the end, although I drafted a facing pattern piece, I used Vicki's suggestion of finishing the neck with some spare fabric on the bias because I was really down to a few last scraps, even then I had to have 2 joins to make it long enough. But it worked - here are some pictures.

I do still want to make a purple version of this, but my sewing plans have been distracted by my October BWOF which I just LOVE plus I have an invitation to a wedding at the end of this month and I have been looking for an excuse to make this coat from BWOF 02/2008 for ages....

I've also been tagged by Sandy to come up with 7 random facts, so here goes;
1) I have developed a phobia of boats in recent years, it started with sailboats and has spread!
2) I have 2 cats, one of them is called Piglet because like many HK moggies she has a deformed tail. It looks like a short fluffy stump but if you touch it (which I only recommend if wearing full Kevlar body armour) it is all curled up like a piglet tail. Not that she was named by me.
3) It took me 3 goes to pass my driving test since and since then I have driven precisely twice - once in Spain and once in Canada, both on the other side of the road than I learned to drive. I'm not sure I could find the steering wheel in a car now!
4) I have a degree in Theoretical Physics which has gone the way of my driving knowledge. I can't remember a thing. That Hadron collider thingy that was in the news recently? - made no sense at all!
5) I can't stand milk - not a bad thing with all the recent news about tainted milk from China.
6) When I was a kid I was a member of our town's majorette troupe, I thought baton twirling was just the most glamorous thing ever.
7) I was brought up by my dad and my Nan. She is now 92 and lives in the Uk, it's hard being all the way over here sometimes.

I am fairly sure everyone else has already been tagged so I won't pass it on this time.


  1. I love your jacket. The button at the neck and those cool front seam details are gorgeous.

  2. OMG I love yours!! The button loop and facing are so what this pattern needed, and the colour and fabric are just perfect for showing off the seaming details here.

  3. Love this jacket and would wear it in a heartbeat. And I enjoyed reading your 7 facts. Can we get some photos of you twirling a baton?!

  4. The jacket looks terrific and it's beautifuly made, congratulations!

    That trench is a long time favorite of mine too!

  5. Your Hallhuber jacket is lovely, enjoy wearing it.

    Oh I hope you do make up that BWOF coat, I have loved everyone's versions and I'd love to see what you come up with.

    Gosh, I would be so frightened to drive on the opposite side of the road than I'm used to.

  6. The jacket is gorgeous! I love the shape of it. And I was just looking at that trench the other night (it's a petite pattern, right?). It has such great details, but I just don't have the patience for it. I'll have to live vicariously.

  7. ooo i tagged you just a little too late!!!

  8. Very nice! The bias finish was a good choice.

  9. Love the jacket and that trench is just divine! I'm glad my suggestion came in useful. I need to come up with an idea to rescue a top I was finishing off last night but badly botched the hem of the sleeves....sigh. I can't bring myself to just throw it in the bin - where it really should go:(