Friday 11 May 2012

The Gallery is going on Location

Firstly, thank you all for the vote of confidence on my loud, sorry - bold - dress!  It's not designed for knits specifically, the suggested fabrics are stretch crepe, charmeuse & lightweight jersey.  I am always banging on about how important it is to try out new things so I need to take my own advice more often.

I'm off on a weeks holiday to Koh Samui in Thailand (my father will be very upset with me for broadcasting that fact on the internet, but good luck to any burglars trying to get past my fearsome cats and their admittedly less fearsome catsitter).

Every time I have a vacation planned I decide that there are some things that are missing from my wardrobe that I must have.  Can I decide this say a month in advance?  No of course not, I wait until I have about 3 days left and then sew like a mad thing.  So I am planning to take lots of pictures while I am away rather than the usual boring ones in my living room.  Although I did raid the newly opened 5 floor Forever 21 (don't judge me!) for some t-shirts and a gigantic sunhat most of the stuff I am taking is made by me.

My new Vogue patterns arrived yesterday, here's what I got - I forgot a couple so it was a nice surprise opening the envelope.  I'm showing the line drawings here because I think they are more useful.  I'll look forward to starting on some of these when I get back.  See you then!

Butterick 5747, a retro '60's pattern.  I love the straight skirt version for a shirtdress, but I hope there are some hidden buttons further down the skirt!

Butterick 5749, a Suzi Chin jersey dress - cowl neck, cut on sleeves, waist draping - everything I love in one pattern.

Vogue 8804, the Claire Shaeffer Chanel style jacket.  I have 2 lovely bits of boucle I have been meaning to make into Chanel jackets for years, I'm hoping this pattern will have the detailed instructions needed to get a couture-ish look.  I might make it shorter and more fitted though.

Vogue 8816 cowl neck tops.  I liked this one because the seam means only the upper front needs to be cut on the bias, usually woven cowl tops are fabric hogs and I'd like some short sleeve ones in silk so less fabric is a good thing!

Vogue 1309 Issey Miyake - I find this top fascinating, but I confess I have no idea how it will look on, or indeed if I will be able to follow the instructions.

Vogue 1303 Kay Unger - I feel like I must already have a pattern like this somewhere..... 

Vogue 1303 Kay Unger again - love the ruching on the bodice.  I am amassing quite a collection of Kay Unger patterns and have yet to make any of them.  This must change!


  1. What great new patterns! Have a wonderful trip and I look forward to the on location pics!

  2. All gorgeous picks! Have a great time in Thailand!

  3. I love the chanel Jacket and I felt attracted to the Issay Miyake number but also afraid it would be too difficult/unwearable!

  4. I hope that you do make that Miyake. It's interesting and I do think that it will work on your figure.
    I bought the Shaeffer as well for the directions and the 3 piece sleeve. the directions are everything you will need including very detailed hand made buttonhole directions. I also want to make it shorter and a little more fitted and with a lower neckline. If you go to the Chanel website there is a photo piece on the little black jacket which is similar but has the changes I described. CS even tells you how to make the trim though I am looking for an edgier edge I think.

  5. Have a wonderful trip!
    Wonderful pattern choices. The Miyake top intrigues me, but I have yet to acquire the pattern. I'm not really sure that it would work on me, and secondly, I'm not so sure that I have anywhere to wear it!

  6. I was sure I commented on the last dress, but apparently not - it looks wonderful on you !

    Lovely patterns - those cowl necks seem to be calling my name now.

    No judging Forever 21 from here (not after spending yesterday browsing Winners LOL)

    Enjoy your trip

  7. Interesting choice of patterns, it'll be cool to see what you make. Wrt Forever 21, it's a sweatshop-propagating child, labour loving, design stealing, copyright-infringing, blogger sewing, empire of pure f*cking evil so I am very disappointed. But you can make up for it by installing disqus =D

  8. Have fun on your trip. I love your pattern choices. I bought a couple of the same ones you did. I LOVE Forever 21. I have lots of belts and jeans and tops from there.

  9. I will be very interested to see how you like the Kay Unger patterns, I made one and was not at all happy with it - an actual unfinished object, rare for me. I am really intrigued by the Issey Miyake top, can't wait to see you make it.

  10. Have fun in Thailand! I picked up a couple of the same patterns and have been reading them in bed before I go to sleep.

  11. Have a wonderful trip! What a funny comment about your father -- sounds like something my parents would comment on as well! You chose some great patterns -- like the retro shirt dress and the Miyake top. Look forward to seeing your version.

  12. Have fun! Can't wait for the photos! I love all the Kay Unger patterns you chose, they are on my wish list too. And the Butterick Suzi Chin too! We think alike because I thought the same thing re: the cowl top: fabric saving!!!

  13. I took advantage of the Vogue sale and bought the Issy Myake, the Kay Unger dress with that fabulous ruching, the CS chanel jacket. It is a great season for Vogue. Happy sewing and enjoy Thailand.

  14. Great patterns. Nothing like a deadline to make sewing happen!

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