Wednesday 28 November 2012

Butterick 5576 Handbags

Well this is how UFO's are born, but I have a few inbetween my inbetween jacket projects to post.  I am full of excuses why, but mainly while trying to sell our apartment I have had to keep the spare room tidy and constantly putting away the jacket was driving me nuts whereas one evening start to finish projects were good for my sanity.  We've now sold it so I can go back to my messy ways, although we have a very tight schedule now and will be moving the week before Christmas.  And my dad arrives for a two week visit tonight.  Argh!

It's becoming a Christmas tradition that I give my nieces a handmade handbag filled with treats and girly accessories.  This year I made two variations on Butterick 5576, View B (the yellow and silver ones from the pattern envelope below).

I used some leftover purple silk dupion and bits of trim from my stash to make them look a bit different to each other.  I changed the strap to a short shoulder style, but otherwise made them up following the instructions.  I used a medium weight canvas for the interfacings and although I would prefer a much stiffer bag for myself, these will be fine for kids dressing up, plus I'm not sure my machine would cope with many more layers.

Here they are, I have even mailed them already which is somewhat of a miracle!

With bow and satin ribbon trim

With pleated front flap and diamante trim

I have some more stuff to post, but today managed to snap two feet of my dressform stand and I am waiting for the superglue to set.  I promise I'll get back to finishing off the jacket soon and answer your questions from my earlier post then.

Not what I should be doing with my packing boxes!


  1. You've done a great job on these bags. Where's the envy icon?

  2. Your an awesome aunt! What girl wouldn't enjoy a surprise within a surprise? The bags are lovely.

    Good luck with your dress form. I hope the glue works. If not there are epoxies that will. We fixed a broken wheel on our antique table with them. I can't remember the name, but I'll find out if you need it.

  3. really sweet bags - congratulations for being ahead with your Xmas sewing and mailing

  4. Nice purses and I am sure they will be pleased to have these.

  5. What wonderful gifts!
    Good luck with the house move. I moved just pre Christmas one year - it isn't quite as bad as you might expect.

  6. Good luck with house move. Bags are a wonderful gift.

  7. What great purses! It sounds like a lovely tradition. I hope your visit with your dad is going well. Good luck on the move, eep!

  8. Great post!
    Really helping me out here!