Tuesday 26 April 2016

BurdaStyle 5/2016 - 115 Top and Dress

Thank you for the comments on my last dress, it's been a while since I got excited enough to make a BurdaStyle pattern straight away, but the last few months issues have been really good I think.

This pattern from the May magazine might not be everyones cup of tea, but it reminds me of the 5/2010 - 105 drapy dress I have made numerous times.  I wear those a lot in our hot, humid summers so was keen to try a variation on the theme.

5/2016 - 115 A & B

I started with my usual Burda size 38, grading out to a 40 below the waist, but I ended up taking the  whole side seam in by at least a size, otherwise the armhole was way too low. and there is plenty of ease.  I also raised the front neckline (and shortened the neckband) as it looked a bit wide and low to stay in place on me.

This is a very easy top and dress to make and the sleeve detail adds a bit of interest.  The pattern pieces look like a giant t shirt, but the instructions are clear and as long as you remember that what looks like a shoulder seam is actually the armhole it's plain sailing.

The top is made from a panel print jersey that I'd originally intended to be used for a dress, but the dimensions of the panel were too tricky to make that work so I'm glad to put it to use as a drapy top instead.  I think this will work great with jeans and wedges for a casual look or dressed up with a pencil skirt and heels.

I really liked the look of the dress in the magazine and decided to make it up in a similar teal coloured jersey, despite reservations that the sack shape wouldn't really work on me - I figured I could always cut it down to a top.  I think I will keep it as a dress, I definitely prefer it with a belt, but I will get a long necklace and try that out too.

 You can see the "cape sleeve" detail better in this solid colour.

I'm currently trapped at home all week while contractors replace our floor throughout the apartment so these are only dress form pics for now, taken at night after they had left so they are a bit dark.  Everything is in a complete mess and covered in dust from having to make all our doors shorter and cutting planks of wood,  my cats are traumatised and I'm not enjoying it much either, but I know it will look good once it's over and I will take some modelling shots then.


  1. Thanks for the review! I've got my eye on this one too. I think yours works without the belt but it's hard to tell on a dress form. Good luck with the floor.

  2. I'm always attracted to dresses like this - I love them but I look terrible in them, and UK summers are rarely so hot I need this style.
    I hope you and the cats get peace soon 😃

  3. The dark green dress is beautiful. I love the simple elegance of it.

  4. Both the top and the dress look like great additions to your wardrobe.

  5. this dress intrigues me and I think it is a sophisticated shape - would love to see it on you. I bet it is very comfy to wear.

  6. I love both your top and dress!

  7. These both turned out so well! Love the dress with the belt.

  8. What a great shoulder/sleeve detail

  9. Thanks for this review! My DD1 is eyeing this dress, and it's lovely to see it on you. The colour is divine.