Friday 29 July 2016

BurdaStyle Maxi Skirt & Tank Top on me!

I finally got around to taking photos of me wearing the maxi skirt and tank from my last post.  I don't really like taking photos of myself at the best of times, but I had a bout of bronchitis that made me feel even less like doing it.  It took a month to fully get rid of it and today I did a big photo session so I am covered for this and my next 2 projects!

As much as I don't like doing it, I have to admit I always learn something and see things differently through a camera than in a mirror.  I also know that if I only need to take a few photos to get a decent one then that outfit is a winner.

What I learnt with this outfit is that I much prefer the top tucked into the skirt so I am really glad I lengthened it now.   It also confirmed that I did a horrible job on the neckline, but I can live with it.

As a reminder the patterns are both from BurdaStyle:

Skirt - 01/2016 - 106
Top - 04/2015 - 103

Top untucked....

vs. top tucked in...

I did attempt a twirling photo, but it was a total disaster so this will have to do, it's a lovely swishy skirt!



  1. I like it untucked better, at least on pics. Also think it would benefit from some contrast, e.g. accessories or wearing as separates. But both pieces are lovely on you.

  2. Perfect! I've been really considering a top/skirt combo and I may have to do it! Love this!

  3. Lovely on you and the fabric is pretty! I like it tucked in too. Glad to hear that you are over the bronchitis, it's miserable.

  4. I really like the idea of the tank and maxi skirt. You can have am outfit that looks like a maxi dress and then also separates. Great fabric choice, too.

  5. Really lovely! This skirt is on my list too, Yours looks so nice, I am in love!!

  6. I like it tucked in also - it has more shape that way. Untucked might work with a belt and that fabric and style would suit many colors and styles.
    Glad to hear you are better!

  7. Definitely tucked in, it gives you shape and unless you are happy to wear a belt of some sort untucked is not not the best look. It looks gorgeous on you and I appreciate the time taking the photos.

  8. You are right this is gorgeous with the tank tucked in. Love the fabric you used for this is beautiful!

  9. You can certainly wear these two pieces any way you like.
    If it's hot and humid, leave the top out.
    Tucked in works too but the choice (and what a choice) is yours.

  10. I love this! It looks so sophisticated yet comfortable. I like it better with the top tucked in. It showcases your waist. Isn't it great that we have digital cameras? I am always amazed when I 'see' certain things that don't show up in the mirror.

  11. Cute! Love the fabric. Looks great together, but I bet the top will look great paired with pants and jackets as well.

  12. I agree, the tucked version really shows your figure off although sometimes heat can be the determining factor in how close I want my clothes to fit that day. I think the color may lie about fabric colors but it seldom lies to me about my proportions and silhouette (darn it!)