Wednesday 20 December 2017

Style Arc Halle Stretch Pencil Skirt

Firstly thank you for commenting on the knit waistcoat on my previous post - it turns out that the pattern is designed for "wools or blends, boucle" which says woven to me and may explain why I had so many issues making it in a very stretchy knit!  Onwards, and paying better attention to suggested fabrics....

I picked up this pattern in the recent Thanksgiving sale, to be honest it probably would be quite easy to draft it from a knit pencil skirt pattern, but I do really like Style Arc's designs and I am 100% sure they are better at drafting patterns than I am!

Halle pdf pattern / paper pattern

I made this 3 times in a week so it turned out to be quite good value and clearly a fast and easy pattern.  It's designed for ponte & stable knit fabrics.  The crossover is quite generous so even when you sit down there is still decent leg coverage.

There's not a lot to say about the construction, the front skirt pieces are shaped so that the mitred corners are really easy to do, you just need to pay attention to the seam allowances which are marked on the pattern.  I added a bit extra at the side seams so I could fit on the way and I figured I might need more than the 3/8ths/8mm allowance to play with - I did this on each version as I find all fabrics behave a bit differently.

Here are my 3 skirts :

Version 1 Navy/Black
This is from a heavy black ponte with a navy, slightly sparkly, almost snakeskin print on it.  Really hard to photograph, but I love this fabric.

Version 2 Colourblocked
A contrast blocked version from remnants which is always very satisfying.  The left front and whole back are plain black.

Version 3 Panel Print
I thought the print would look odd with the asymmetric front so I just used the plain back pattern piece for both front and back.  I found it to be a bit clingy from static so I lined it with a stretch mesh lining before attaching the waistband elastic.

This simple skirt is so quick and easy to make that I can see it becoming a bit of a staple in my wardrobe and the plain version will probably be my TNT stretch skirt pattern now.  My versions are all for cool weather and quite formal, I'd definitely like to try it in a more casual look like the illustration too.


  1. All 3 skirts are cute. I love how you added 3/8" to the side seams allowing for the difference found in knits - so smart! Karen

  2. That is one very stylish skirt pattern! All three of your versions look amazing.

  3. Very stylish! The black sparkly one is my favourite but all versions look wonderful!

  4. Ooh, I think you just sold me on buying the pattern. Like you I know I could daft it but hey, it is obviously well done and looks fabulous. And I do have a bit of fabric that could do with a simple pattern :) I really like your remnant one!

  5. Don't you love when something just works for you?! Love all of them but especially that floral print. I love a floral on a dark background!!

  6. These all look fantastic! The black and white print really pops in the photos, but I bet my favorite would be that snakeskin in person. It’s great to find a new instant TNT pattern that works out so well for you. It looks super stylish and comfortable - a perfect combination!

  7. Three in a week is amazing. It looks like a really versatile pattern. I think the first version is my favourite!

  8. All the versions look great. It really is a versatile pattern and yes, while I can draft the professionals do it better than I do.

  9. Amazing result. All three skirts are great. The contrast panel one really shows off the split - just lovely and I might just have to copy you.

  10. Me gusta mucho cómo te han quedado las tres faldas

  11. 3 lovely skirts and good to hear it is such a great pattern.