Tuesday 18 March 2008

2008 sewing resolutions & a giveaway!!!

First I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who left lovely comments about my successful denim jacket and to everyone for their encouraging comments not to give up on the BWOF jacket yet.

Back at the beginning of the year I set some sewing targets - can you believe we are almost a quarter of the way through the year? Here's what optimistic me had to say back then - lets see how I am doing;

1) Keep up with this blog, recording all my projects successful or otherwise. I think it will be interesting to look back over the year and see what I have achieved.
- Well this part is going OK!

2) Make a piece each month from BWOF, unless I hate everything in an issue obviously
- January - done, February - stuck, March - not started. Well thats OK, the Pattern Review sewalong is a month behind, I can do that too.

3) Make something, anything, from the Patrones magazines my Spanish sister in law has been kindly sending to me.
- Not yet, but don't panic it's only March!.

4) Complete a co-ordinating summer mini wardrobe or collection. My sewing tends to be a bit random and while I am not ready for a full blown SWAP this will be a good introduction to better planning.
- By an amazing coincidence Pattern Review are doing a mini wardobe contest from 1st May so this should fit right in here.

Re Patrones, my sister in law accidentally sent me the same copy twice so I am going to give it away to a reader from my blog who wants it - the only condition is that you must make something from it!! If you are interested please leave a comment on this post or you can send me a private message through Pattern Review if you prefer (Allie in Hong Kong). I'll keep this open for another week and if there are a number of interested people I'll put the names into a hat and pick one at random.

The issue is from December 07, number 263. I'm sorry I have no clue where to link to a website with more details, but here's some pics.

It has 47 womenswear patterns in sizes 40-44-48 and 12 in sizes 50-54-58. Sizes are not the same as BWOF (they are at least a couple of sizes smaller I'd say) and all the instructions are in Spanish. Lots of lovely things, I really must get working on goal number 3 myself - maybe you can join me......


  1. I love Patrones! I'm pretty sure I could find something to make from that issue... BTW, here are some larger pictures of the magazine pages:

  2. I've always wanted to make something from Patrones! Could I enter? Please?

  3. oh I didn't know you had a blog, I love your stuff on PR,, glad I found it

  4. Hello there,
    I am fairly new Blogland (meaning creating my own), but I have been reading every sewing blog I could find. Sometimes I feel I am there when you guys are working on your projects. Your denim jacket is phenom! So, I started my blog with some random info about me and a few projects I've done in the last few months. I must admit that maintaining a blog can be time consuming, but like you I am determined to get my wardrobe in order. I do what I call "emotional sewing", so I may just enter PR's mini SWAP. Maybe I can find some inspiration in the Patrones magazine. Hint, hint.


  5. I have that magazine and It's a great issue! Many interesting models inside!

  6. Am I too late to come to the party? I have never made a Patrones!

  7. I would love to join the party as well!

    I've always admired the patterns in Patrones!