Friday 7 March 2008

I love Fridays

Who doesn't I suppose. But mine are especially good because I don't work on a Friday and it is a real "me" day. I spend the morning doing my favourite gym classes of the week, have lunch and catch up with the internet or Project Runway if some kind soul has posted it on You Tube and then sew. (I saw the finale today, personally I am so happy that Christian won although all of the finalists showed great work. Whether you love him or hate him, the talent is undeniable - America's next top designer? - maybe, he's reminiscent of McQueen or Galliano in my completely unqualified opinion).

Anyway so I have been sewing for the past few hours, working on the jacket that seems to be taking forever to finish. I just have to topstitch one lapel and the collar stand and have run out of topstitching thread. Aaarrgh! I bought 2 reels of it so you can see how much topstitching there is on the jacket and how many sections I have ripped out because I wasn't happy with them. The place I need to go to get more thread is very near my office and there's no way I'm heading over there on my day off! I am really happy with the jacket so far though so bear with me for a few more days!

So I started to cut the fabric for this jacket - my BWOF sewalong project for the February issue. I must be crazy to be making another jacket, but that's what I committed to do and if I start changing my plans now I will end up dreaming and not actually sewing anything. Besides, I love jackets.
The fabric has a pattern which needs a bit of matching where I can so I am cutting on a single layer. I panicked a bit when I lifted one of the cut pieces and thought I had cut it double layer by mistake. What is this stuff? It seems to be two layers of very lightweight fabric with loose threads in between which are just caught in places to create the floral pattern.   I can see my sewing room is going to be such a mess!

I'm also pondering how to finish the inside of the jacket, it's unlined, but I really want to add interfacing to parts of it so I will probably add a lining myself.

My Butterick patterns also arrived yesterday to add to the ever growing pile of things I'd like to make someday. I need to rewatch some of those Project Runway episodes and learn how to sew as fast as Christian!


  1. Hi Allison. Thanks for contributing to the thread I started on PatternReview about blogs. I've added your blog to my links list.

  2. Oh yes, you want to hold onto those "me" Fridays! Looking forward to seeing your jacket when you do get it done. The fabric for the BWOF jacket looks lovely.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing your jacket done! The fabric is outstanding!

  4. I love that fabric too!! I don't suppose it needs to be underlined to make sure it all stays together? Actually I don't know if that would help. Good luck!

    I have Fridays off too (and Wednesdays)!

  5. Love your fabric, and the pattern you're making. It's great to have a day for yourself to do the things you want.