Monday 5 May 2008

BWOF 2003/08 -125 Skirt

Thank you everyone for the comments on the red jacket/top. It was fun to make something a bit different.

Finally I have got my camera back! I rashly promised ages ago that I would model some of the garments that I made in the last month or so while the camera was out of action and I promise to do that just as soon as I get back from my short vacation.

Tonight I finished up a quick to make skirt in a remnant of border print fabric from my stash. Got to make room for the new stuff! This is pattern 125 from BWOF 08/2003. I only noticed it while flicking through my file of line drawings. I needed a straight skirt pattern to utilise the border print, but didn't really want to have a split in it (only because in lightweight fabric I find they have a tendency to stick out and I didn't want to fuss with it too much) - so this one with a single gore in the back was ideal. Incidentally the line drawing turned out to be incorrect in that this skirt should have a centre front seam and be cut on the bias, but I went ahead with it anyway. I used the non border part of the fabric for the back gore since it has a curved hem.

So, together with the 2 black jersey tops I made recently this is my nano-wardobe! Speaking of wardrobes, I've also been planning what to make for the mini wardrobe contest on PR and realistically it is going to be tough for me to finish in time after I get back, but never mind. I don't want to just make 4 quick pieces just to finish, I want to use this contest as a gentle introduction to wardrobe planning. I will post about my (current) plans next time. For now, here's some pictures of the finished skirt which I will definitely be packing in my suitcase!

Me wearing it - can you believe I spent a good 5 minutes deciding which shoes to wear, then cut them off anyway!

Back view on my dressform. I topstitched the godet so that it hangs more like an inverted pleat - you may be able to see that in the detailed shot of the godet. I literally used the last scrap of this fabric and didn't have enough to make the waistband facing so I used a strip at the top and pieced it to some contrasting lining fabric. For the same reason, matching the fabric at the yoke seam was an impossibility, but I can live with that, it will be hidden most of the time anyway.


  1. HAHAHA, too funny about the shoes. Love the fabric you used! The border is gorgeous!

  2. That skirt looks so pretty and so wearable too. Love the back inset. I'm thinking the same thing about the mini wardrobe; learning to plan yet make something I love. I find it quite difficult lol.

  3. Great skirt, love the length. So what did the shoes look like?!

  4. Love your skirt; love the fabric. Good job squeezing it out of the fabric available!

  5. Oh I love this! Looks great on you!

  6. How lucky are you to find these great border prints! I rarely see them anymore in my neck of the woods. The red and navy one below is great too. Your skirts look fantastic on you.

  7. Okay this is is confirmed now...I have FABRIC ISSUES!!! I have a piece of this fabric in my collection...I looked at your wonderful skirt and thought, yes, maybe I've seen that up and opened the fabric closet and after a little digging - yes its in there! You have inspired me to do something with it...well maybe! *LOL*

    I love border prints and collect them so I'm not surprised that I have a piece of this!

    BTW your skirt is wonderful and I love the godet treatment...definitely have to remember that!