Thursday 15 May 2008

Pattern Review Mini Wardrobe Plan

Alrighty lets commit my mini wardrobe contest plan to "paper" before I talk myself out of it. My concept here is Double Duty Basics - since the mini wardrobe is just that at only 4 pieces I wanted to create pieces that can be dressed up or down for a variety of looks and that will co ordinate with other pieces I already own & future projects.

The dress fabric is a stretch cotton print, I've made a muslin of the bodice, lengthened the skirt part, cut it out and have started sewing the front panels together. I think this will be quick to make (it sure needs to be!).

The blouse is a TNT and will be in a self striped white cotton, this is cut out and I know I can make this fairly fast too.

The remaining jacket/top and pants are where I may come unstuck. Both are new patterns and I don't even have the fabrics yet. I need to purchase some black silk dupioni for the jacket/top and some cotton type fabric of the pants. I'm planning to purchase those tomorrow and hopefully get the dress finished too.


  1. You picked some great pieces!! Good luck!

  2. your story board looks good, you made some nice selections, I really hope you finish in time, are you going to line the dress? The jacket it a very nice design, it will look great on you, can't wait to read of your progress

  3. Great patterns. I made the pants last year and they gave me trouble in constructing (but wonderful to wear). I made a short tutorial of constructing the pocket, which you can find on my blog and in my pdf files.

  4. What great garments you have picked. The pants look so nice. Can't wait to see them finished.

  5. I love the pieces you picked for your mini-wardrobe, it's going to amazing!

  6. I thought you might use the other fabrics you purchased a couple of posts ago. But this lot look very versatile. Good luck!