Saturday 21 June 2008

I've got a TNT Pattern!

These pants are made from the same pattern as the black pants from my mini wardrobe - BWOF 08/2003-105.  They were so quick and easy to make second time around. (the top is also a TNT - Butterick 4985, see here) I think I will make a pair in navy and in charcoal and I'm all set!  The pattern is so basic I have nothing more to say about it, but for fun I used a remnant of the zebra print fabric for the waist facing.  This also has the added advantage of making the cream serger thread look intentional rather than plain lazy!

Basic wardrobe pieces like these don't make for interesting blogging, however I was really happy to find these filled a gap in my wardrobe perfectly and rescued this RTW jacket from the wardrobe orphanage.  Let me stress I did not make this jacket (nor did I buy it from a Chloe store - ah the wonders of factory shops!), but I wanted to show you some interesting details from it - I love it and think I might knock one off myself, the shape works well with these pants I think and this pattern from BWOF 12/2007 - 115 has similar lines.
So the RTW jacket details; it is made from a cotton eyelet and interlined with black cotton, you could use the stitch and flip method very successfully here.  Since the eyelet holes are pretty small it doesn't look obviously black and I can get away with mixing this jacket with brown as I did here.  But it would be fun to use a really interesting colour behind the eyelet.    

I know you all want to see the zebra print skirt so I'll get back to that now, trying to get a straight hem on a silk pleated skirt is giving me fits!!


  1. that jacket it beautiful, I would love to have one of those, lol,,, I love that eyelet!!!
    happy you found a tnt pattern, they make sewing so quick and enjoyable, you look great as always

  2. Yay for you Allison for getting a TNT. I want one...not the bomb kind though :O) Looks wonderful on you!! And that eyelet jacket is fab. I always wonder what to do with eyelet fabric. Now I know!


  3. Great pieces. Congrats on finding a TNT! I've been trying to develop one for pants and I think I may have found one!

  4. They look great - I love that zebra waist facing!

  5. Looking good! What type fabric is the zebra print?

  6. A TNT pants pattern is a very good thing! Love the zebra facing.

  7. First, happy birthday for last week (or is it two?). Next, what a cute jacket! Never thought of using eyelet for a jacket. Of course I have some in the

    Nice TNT pants too!!

  8. Yeah for the TNT!!! I also love the zebra just makes clothing so special when you add those little touches!

    Hope you can make the BWOF jacket works because it is very similar to your very pretty RTW one!

  9. Your pants look great and thank you for showing us that jacket: it's very inspiring! The effect created by the darker fabric underneath that beautiful eyelet is divine!