Friday 8 August 2008

Back in the swing of things

No I didn't collapse in a heap after finishing my jacket, instead we went for a short trip to Singapore. Had a fabulous time with gorgeous weather - the only downer was losing my filofax/wallet so I lost all my cards, cash, diary and address book. I really hoped someone would hand it in, minus the cash even, so I filed a police report, but no news yet. But fortunately I only lost it after I had hit the shops and bought 3 pairs of shoes, some jeans, underwear (why do they sell my size in Singapore but not in Hong Kong, I don't get it?!) and some fabrics.

Here are the fabrics I got, an embroidered cotton, a printed georgette and a cotton embroidered border print.

Since I now have no access to money, my husband gave me some at the beginning of the week which lasted me quite well, but today I finally found the red shoes I have been looking all year for. They were really cheap, from H&M, but I had to completely empty my purse to afford them. Then I had to walk home in the rain, but it's worth it. Priorities!!

I'm going back to visit my family and friends in the UK in a months time, including my Spanish (but living in London) sister in law who is my Patrones dealer. So I feel I really had better produce something from these magazines instead of just looking at the pictures and that's going to be my focus. I'm working on wearable muslins for the dress I started a while back and also a red wrap top which is nearly there and looking good. See I really just had to get those shoes!


  1. Sorry about your wallet!! Beautiful fabrics!

  2. I hope you get your wallet back. Love the fabric and the shoes.

  3. Sorry to hear about your wallet...hope the process to get everything back isn't too bad! BTW, love the shoes!

  4. Thankgoodness the shoes didn't get wet!! Very cute, and yes you did need them!

  5. I'm sorry about your filofax/wallet, I hope someone finds it and returns it...
    Gorgeous shoes|

  6. That's terrible about your filofax ... I hope it finds it's way back home.
    Gorgeous shoes and fabric (I would have walked home in the rain too)
    This brings me to my ????. Where are the fabric stores in Singapore? I'll be there in October and would love to souvenir some fabric/habby.

  7. Sorry about your mishap. Fabric and shoes are very nice.