Thursday 14 May 2009

Next up...

Firstly I just want to say that if Kathy who wanted the Vogue Adri pattern I was giving away a while back is reading this, please send me your address to alchurchman at gmail dot com so I can send it to you.  

Secondly I now have a greater understanding as well as a huge amount of respect for anyone who has to share their sewing area.  Now in our temporary serviced apartment I am cutting out on the floor and constantly moving machines and computers around on the tiny dining table we have.  I don't know how much sewing I will be able to get done in the remaining 5 weeks without going crazy, but I've had a few cutting spurts so have some things in the pipeline.....

1) Another version of BWOF 02/09 124, the simple shift dress I made a couple of months ago.  This time in a cobalt blue cotton twill, I've seen a lot of this colour around lately and really love it, even though it's not the sort of colour I'd normally wear.  One great thing about dresses is that is doesn't matter if they don't match anything else in your wardrobe!  I'm hoping to wear this to a party on Saturday night and it's quick to make so I should be OK (famous last words...)

2) I've cut out top BWOF 04/09 122 in some green pucci style printed silk.  I am in two minds about whether this style will work on me, but it looks perfect for summer and you don't know till you try (though I admit it would have been sensible to try in muslin first!).

3) I've also cut out jacket BWOF 04/09 116 in a green linen, and plan to add white topstitching and buttons.
4) I've cut out the pattern for skirt BWOF 04/09 101 and have bought some khaki cotton twill to make this up as a neutral wardrobe basic.  

Getting good use out of that issue!!

More on the dress in my next post.


  1. Are your fingers cramped from all that cutting? Most people don't like to cut, so if you are one of those--then the dreaded part is done! Sew on!

  2. Oh man, I feel for you. Getting a dedicated sewing space made my life exponentially happier.

  3. I'm going to sew BWOF 4/09/116 as well.Great idea of doing white topstitching and buttons. Can't wait to see it.

  4. I admire your tenacity in tracing all those fiddly parts for the jacket and skirt! Good on you.

  5. Wheee! I have that top traced out too...was going to do it in unbleached cotton for summer.