Tuesday 26 May 2009

Q's, A's, Bits and Bobs

Thank you for all the comments on my recent reviews, it's always interesting reading them and there were a few points I thought I would post here;

Khaki Skirt 04/09-101
There were a few comments regarding the zipper placement.  Excellent suggestions to move the zip to one of the existing panel seams instead of creating a new centre back seam.  I guess the final choice depends on your own figure type, I would put the zip wherever you are least curvy - for me that's what causes problems if I try and put a skirt zipper in the side seam.  I also have a couple of skirts with side seam zips that are too big for me now and the thought of altering them is no fun at all - you practically have to take apart and remake the whole thing!

Robyn asked if this would be flattering for pear shapes.  Absolutely yes - it's neither a straight skirt or a full a line.  If you cut wide seam allowances it's easy to fit as you go on the many panel seams to get the skirt fitting closely where you need it to to flatter your figure.

Silk Top 04/09 - 122
Cindy asked if there was a lot of silk available in HK.  Yes lots of it, although the price and quality varies enormously and you do need to check that what is being sold as silk really is.  This particular green print came from a fabric market called Western Market which is generally quite expensive, but great quality.  I think they told me it was an Armani fabric at the time, but you have to take these comments with a huge pinch of salt!

Blue dress 02/09 - 124
Lindsay T came up with the great suggestion of making this with a contrast bodice which I may just do, and Sherry V wanted to see the back view.  While in our temporary apartment, I've got no dressform, no tripod and have to balance the camera on random bits of furniture so please bear with me on the photo quality for now.

And finally, I am now working on the linen jacket, also from 0409 BWOF.  The weather was foul all weekend so I made a good start on the sewing though I still have all the fiddly bits to do.....


  1. Ooooh, lovely colour! Looking forward to seeing this :)

  2. Ooo, great colour. I can't wait to see this. I have my eye on this same pattern come spring.

  3. Allison,

    Thank you for that additional photo. It was great to see the neckline and it also shows more of the amazing fit you nailed on this project!


  4. The V back on the dress is so flattering. Can't wait to see more of that jacket! It's in my favorite color and I love the topstitching.

  5. I also love that teal color with white topstitching and buttons. I'm saving this jacket for making in the fall, but love seeing all the ones being made currently. This is really a popular pattern.

  6. So kind of you to put up a back neckline photo of your 'it' dress :) You look great front and back. Nice hair upsweep too. And look at your topstiching on the Western Market silk! Wish I had gone there with you once while we were both living there...