Friday 7 January 2011

The Best Laid Plans...

I finished the bikini top, think I have figured out how to put the bottoms together and decided that was enough to reward myself with some fabric shopping, so off I went to the Sham Shui Po fabric market. You never know what is going to catch your eye when you're there and suffice to say the pipeline of my previous post now has some additions!

Fake fur
I bought two lots of this, one for winter cushions to cosy up my living room and some gorgeous black fur to make a simple winter coat. It's short pile and textured - like Persian lamb. I think this may have to jump near the front of the queue as our winters are so short. My cats love the beige/blue cushion fur so it may well turn into a blanket as the only time I can access it is when the black cat gets too hot in the sun!

Black faux textured fur

Blue faux fur with beige tips

Big pile of fur!

This wasn't on my shopping list either but I adore the colours and it will work really well with the grey pencil skirt and HP razor pants.

Hey that's two jackets right there, maybe I should join the 12 jackets in a year club?!

Sensible wool purchases
This is what I actually went to buy, I got 3 pieces, grey, black and a brown pinstripe for some combination of pencil skirt, pants and the Vogue dress with the big collar.

Other stuff
This is a bone coloured poly but it feels really nice, like washed silk or microfibre. It may turn into this Rachel Comey dress, without the peplum, or perhaps one of the new Vogues - I have my eye on the Donna Karan shirtdress.

I also found this adorable semi sheer cotton to save for warmer months, I'm thinking I will line it in a nude colour and make a dress. Plenty of time to think about that one.

I'm all fired up to sew this weekend now!


  1. Great purchases. Is there an on-line source for purchasing wool from Hong Kong. I currently buy silk online but they don't stock anything else - other than brocades.

  2. I love the fabrics you chose. Nice to see that your cats love the faux fur too!

  3. Wow. What fun! Beautiful purchases! I particularly love the last 2 and can't wait to see if you use the bone poly to make that Rachel Comey dress. That looks like a cute pattern.

  4. You're so lucky to have such a great choice of fabrics where you live. Can't wait to see all the finished results.

  5. Why oh why is Hong Kong so far away? I would love to come over and spend a few days leisuring fabric shopping with you...*sigh* But you got some great pieces!

  6. Great finds! And it is always an adventure going out there, isn't it!?

  7. Lovely fabrics, looking forward to seeing the finished garments. Just stumbled across your blog- it is truely great! I wonder if you would allow me to feature this blog on mine- Juliette's Sewing and Style Den and if maybe you could check it out and add it to the blog list too? I only started blogging a few month ago and trying to spread the word a bit. Thank you. Juliette

  8. I'm really looking forward to seeing all of your projects as they progress - that Rachel Comey dress in particular, it is such a lovely style. Oh I can just imagine how much your cats love the fur!