Monday 25 July 2011

Upgrading Blogger

Ok, for Gail and anyone else who needs to know, here is how to upgrade to the latest version of blogger.  I only discovered this was even a possibility when my husband set up a new blog and found it super easy to use.  Fortunately it is also super easy to change so here goes;

Click on the settings tab in your blog (accessible from both the dashboard or the new/edit posts page)
Scroll down till you get to "Select post editor"
Change to the top option "Updated editor"
Click the orange "Save settings" button

Here is the full list of all the stuff the new version can do - List of new features, but most importantly for me is that photos will post where your curser is, you can drag or cut and paste them and move them left or right without having to muck about with the html.  So now we can all post more often???  Hope this helps!


  1. Thanks Allison :-)
    've changed my blogger to the newer version, I had no idea I was still using the old one.
    Happy Monday!

  2. I really appreciate your blog. I was on the new version but I don't know how it happened. And I went to the instructions and read about what it will do. I'm sure it will help my blog get better. Thanks again.

  3. Cool! I just updated my editor. I feel all high-tech now. :;

  4. Thanks for posting this! I will update my editor too.

  5. duh. mine was already updated.
    Amanda I feel all high-tech, too.


  6. Why thank you Allison! I will get onto it straight away.

  7. Thanks Allison! Now I just have to sew something :)

  8. I'm so glad I came across this! I do a wordpress blog for a company and my personal Blogger blog had been seeming annoyingly out of date!

  9. Thank you! I've just updated my editor. I might even write something after more than a year of silence - today is my last day before vacation, so I'm looking forward to summer sewing. And yes, I've purchased two patterns during the last 4.99 sale, well in comparison with the shipping cost of $25 it's not much, still I was surprised to open their mail with 3.99 sale offer just a few days after my order

  10. thank you, thank you, thankyou!!!!!