Thursday 5 January 2012

New Year Giveaway

Happy New Year everyone, here's to another great sewing year.  I've just got back from my trip and have a huge amount of blog posts to catch up on.  I don't want to miss anything so I will try and look through them all but forgive me if comments are a bit thin on the ground for a while.  I'm especially loving the 2011 annual reviews.

Having been the lucky recipient of 2 giveaways at the end of last year I thought I would kick off 2012 with a pattern giveaway.  Some of these are the wrong size for me, duplicates or just no longer fit my lifestyle.  No rules, no restrictions, I'd just like these to go to someone who will use them.  Leave a comment with the pattern you would like to win & I'll do a random draw if there is more than one name per pattern.  I will do the draw on Monday 16th Jan Hong Kong time so get your comments in by Saturday 14th to cover all timezones!

Just one thing to note - a peek in the envelopes tells me all these patterns are uncut, but I haven't opened them all to double check.

1) Vogue 2463 Bill Blass Jacket & Pants, Size 14-16-18

2) Vogue 2588 Calvin Klein Jacket & Pants, Size 14-16-18

3) Vogue 2513 Guy Laroche Jacket & Skirt, Size 12-14-16

4) Vogue 2679 NYNY Tops and Pant, Size 8-10-12

5) Vogue 2074 Easy Options skirts and tops, Size 14-16-18

6) Vogue Wardrobe, Evening pieces, Size 12-14-16 (envelope in a sorry state but pattern & instructions are fine).

7) Vogue 9907, Jacket/Coat, Size 14-16-18 (some damage to envelope)

8) Vogue 7682 Vogue Woman Jacket, Pants, Skirt, Size 8-10-12

9) Butterick 5173 Maggy London knit dress, Size 8-10-12-14 (This pattern was reissued due to a printing error, this is the revised & corrected version).

10) Butterick 3397 Fast & Easy Basics, Fly front skirts, pants and shorts, Size 14-16-18

11) Vogue 7648 Wide legged mock wrapped pantskirt (or long skort if you like), Size 12-14-16


  1. hey first to comment - how exciting. I choose Vogue 2679, which fits my New Year's resolution to make more separates. Happy Sewing in 2012, Beth

  2. How nice of you to give away such great patterns! I love vogue. #5 options skirt and top would fit my wardrobe. Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Vogue 2463. I rarely join pattern giveaways, but this one is interesting *and* in my size!

    Thanks for your lovely blog!

  4. Just found your blog.
    If it's OK and available,
    would love Vogue 2074 Easy
    Options pattern.

    This is SO nice of you!

    Thanks .. Joy

    PS LOVE your blue sequined
    top .. and your home is
    just beautiful.

  5. Hello Allison,
    something went wrong with my post, so I try again. I really like Vogue 2074 best, it's my size and has so many options.
    Happy new year to you, Ute.

  6. I will give any of these patterns a happy home - except the coat. I live in Hawaii

  7. It looks like you have been de-stashing your patterns over the holiday break. I did the same. :)

  8. Hi! I would like to make No.9 - what a nice dress! Greetings from germany, Bettina

  9. Oh wow, thank you for hosting this! We moved to Macau from the U.S. six months ago, and I sure miss being able to pick up patterns at the local fabric shop. I love all the patterns, but the one that I really, really would like is number 10, Butterick 3397. The patterns I brought with me are sadly lacking in a basic short/pant with zipper, and that one looks perfect.

  10. Happy 2012! Good to have you back in the blogosphere and what a comeback :-)
    Very, very generous of you to host this lovely giveaway. My favourite is the Vogue 2588.

  11. Happy New Year. I hope to see lots of your posts in 2012. I have Butterick 5173 and didn't realise there was a problem with it. Thanks for the heads up.

  12. What a lovely way to start the New Year with a generous giveaway! Could I put dibs on Vogue 2513?
    Many thanks.

  13. Hello, Vogue 9907 please!
    Happy New Year and thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

  14. Happy New Year! I would love the Vogue 2679, love the jacket. Hope this year brings happiness to you and your family.

  15. This is very generous! I'd love Butterick 5173. It looks like a great knit dress.

  16. Vogue 7682 is just gorgeous! The jacket is so chic, and would go along with my new resolution to sew and wear clothes that I am in love with, rather than clothes that look like what everyone else is wearing. I have a pretty pale yellow wool that would make up beautifully into a chic suit!

  17. Great selection. Between my daughter and me, i am sure to use them.

  18. Happy New Years! I choose #11 Vogue 7648...FIESTA

  19. Happy new year and how generous. Vogue 9907 would suit and fit me best if Im fortunate to win one.
    louise x

  20. Happy Successful New Year - and thank You for the giveaway. I have two favorites: Vogue 2074 and/or Butterick 5173. B.r.

  21. Hi,
    Love reading your blog and seeing the clothes and reviews. Have a similar blog at

    Love the Vogue evening wear pieces.


  22. I would like the BUTTERICH 5173 Maggy London dress.
    Thanks Adél

  23. I would love Vogue 2513. I have been searching for a collarless look that could still be professional and this is gorge!

  24. Thank you so much for this giveaway. It is a great start into the new year. My choice is Vogue 2074 (5) or Vogue 2513 (3). Both are really pretty!

  25. Happy New Year - I don't want to be included in the giveaway but just wanted to say it's been such a pleasure following your blog this year.

  26. Thank you for this giveaway. I choose butterick 5173. I think that will a cute summer dress for my daughter.

  27. 2463 Looks fabulous!! I need a suit for upcoming interviews. Have you made this?

    Love the blog!

  28. Some great patterns here. Please sign me up for Vogue 2679.
    Theresa N

  29. Hi Alison Just love the Bill Blass pant suits - thanks for the chance with this generous give away.

  30. Wow! Thanks so much for the opportunity! I love Vogue 9907 Jacket/Coat.

    Audrey / Atlanta, GA

  31. What a wonderful way to start the New Year! Hopefully this will kick my sewing mojo into action.
    I love vogue #2679. Thanks again!


  32. great giveaway!
    Vogue 2074 Easy Options skirts and tops sounds good to me
    I'm going to follow your blog

  33. I'd love Vogue 9907...but wow, what great choices!